Saturday, April 15, 2017

Homestay or University Dormitories: Which is best?

When many international students move overseas to study English, they often are faced with the decision of whether to live on campus in a dormitory, or in some cases, stay with a host family; however, each comes with its benefits and challenges. Personally, which do you feel would be best for you and why? Share your opinions or experiences on the topic.



  1. In my opinion, I prefer choosing university dormitory to homestay because I consider the following things:
    The first is financial consideration. If I live in domitory then I can save much money.
    The second is the chance to practice speaking. In Campus I can know many people from the different culture and have more chance to practice my english. The best is it costs nothing.

    I used this way to learn German last 10 years as I studied the Chemistry Engineering in Germany.
    I hope my experience is useful for everybody.


  2. I'd rather stay at the cheapest hotel in town if I could afford it. It's not that I wouldn't bear living with a host family or share a room with a/other student(s); the truth is that I do enjoy some privacy. I wouldn't like to be told what time I'd have to go to bed, and what to do during the day.

  3. Homestay is far better than dormitories what I feel you will never get a home like environment in dormitories. At home you don't have to depend on anything you can study when ever you want you can eat you can sleep according to your choice. In my opinion every teenager need to concentrate on his studies more than any other things so living in home with parents can give them a better option to take decision for there future..

  4. I am staying in university dormitories and i enjoy my life here. Here, i share a room with another person and i am getting on well with her. Staying with room mate have quite a lot of benefits such as you can 'bully' her when you are upsetting or she can be your listener some times. Besides, both of you can help each other in doing coursework or asking her opinions.


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