Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dating Relationships

Physical and emotional abuse in relationships is often a difficult topic to talk about because many people suffer in silence because of it. In my newest conversation, I try to address this with the hope that people can seek out help or provide support to those who are suffering.


Please share your thoughts and opinions on this topic. What are the warning signs of physical and emotional abuse? What can family and friends do to help someone who is suffering from such abuse?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Online Medical Information

Have you ever wondered if you had a strange and serious illness, and you used the Internet to find a cure? Well, in my newest listening, my wife and I play the roles of two friends in a similar situation and show you want NOT to do? Prepare yourself for a good laugh.


Now, tell us in what ways you have used the Internet in similar situations. How reliable is information in the Internet? Do you trust the medical information Internet more than you do  traditional doctors? Has there ever been a time that using the Internet to find information has been better or more helpful than seeing a doctor? Please share your ideas.