Saturday, February 25, 2017

World News Events: How do they (or should they) affect you?

There is an old saying which states, "Out of sight, out of mind," to indicate that those things that we can't readily see are often far away from us in mind. This could be true of new stories around the world; however, that said, if we really look of the events that even take place in distant lands, they tend to have a ripple effect in our lives---events that still touch our lives directly or indirectly.

What current event stories are taking place today, either in your country or in distant lands, that do or should make us reflect or even take action for the betterment of yourself or others?

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  1. Hello again,

    One current event story that has directly affected me over the past few weeks was the earthquake in Haiti. I can't stop thinking of the people there. It makes me think of how fragile we are as human beings and how dependent we are on each other. It's times like these that we learn how to be humans again and that we're only fully happy when those around us are also living a life full of happiness and love.

    Thanks for this post, Randall.
    Bruno (BRA)

  2. Dear Randall.
    To whom it may concern.

    I am interested in national wars in the countries in Africa,and friction around Jerusalem,and the North Korean abductions of Japanese:North korean agent abducted,or kidnapped Japanese.
    We can enjoy prosperity or everyday,mundane and slight but confirmed happiness.But these problems interfere in ordinary people.
    But for problems like these,our earth would be more confortable place to live.


  3. Dear Randall,

    You are correct in a way. I still not forgot the day on which I cleared my 1 job interview. I can still remember the questions which were asked and my answers. After listening the result my expressions.

    This is all up to a person to remember the instances or not.

    Best Wishes,

  4. Nowadays we have many events occurring around the world at the same time. I think that globalization brings these news events faster than before and this situation makes us affected by all the things that happen in the world.

    For instance, the kind of news that had always affected me are the tragedies that takes place in all parts. In addition, my country has many tragedies taking place in every hour and this situation makes me very upset.

    In my opinnion it could be normal a person fell affected by sad news today. Furthermore we can fell the sadness of anybody and start to help these people to fell better.

    However, there are people who do not fell affected by the news and fell nothing with the sadness of the tragedies that happen all the time. For me, they are cold people and I do not want to live near to a person like these.

    To sum up, the world news events today always brings us sad news and surely these news will affect us in some way. So, we should pay attention to the feeling that news caused and try to make something to help people who need.

  5. One event that caught my attend was a accident that occur on the list demand highway a few days ago. The news states that three person were heading down to Georgetown from Linden and the driver of the Vehicle tried to overtake a timber truck, while doing so he collided into the back of the truck. The two passenger dead and the driver it critical.

  6. As a young age kid but also a teenager, there are much for me to say, most of everything exist right now that right in front of us but people "tend" to not see it, such as a car accident happened, or more simple to understand like a young girl crying right on the street, how many people going to talk to her, trying to help that little girl out, "How many ?" I'm not saying that no one going to help, there will be a person to stand out to help, but when ? In each person mind when saw those, 98 out of 100 tend to think "Someone will help her so I don't need to do it" or "Her mom gonna be back soon", if everyone thinking like that then no one will stand out. Everyone don't know how worries the mom is how terrifies she is until they in that situation and questioning "Why no one help me? Why ?" well until that, everything were too late.
    Take action before things get worst, help other and yourself.


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