Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dating Relationships

Physical and emotional abuse in relationships is often a difficult topic to talk about because many people suffer in silence because of it. In my newest conversation, I try to address this with the hope that people can seek out help or provide support to those who are suffering.


Please share your thoughts and opinions on this topic. What are the warning signs of physical and emotional abuse? What can family and friends do to help someone who is suffering from such abuse?


  1. I think you can notice when someone is suffering from abuse because of he or she lost the joy of living. You don´t need to be hit to suffer from violence, verbal abuse is sometimes more harmful. Been told you are less than other people because of your appearance or that you are unable to do anything is emotional abuse. There are many examples in the day to day. To help the victims, family and friends must create a comfortable environment where the Abused can rest and remember the real way he may be treated, receive advice and enjoy the life.

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  3. i think when someone suffer from dating abuse all his or er mind are affected and all the bad thought like a suicide for this person become a solution for ending his or her life , and we have to follow and also check on this this person by a psychology and also close to a family , in my country this law was voted out i think on 2012 for protecting he or her for such kind of persons.

  4. Relationship violence becomes a daily topics now a days.it's a pathetic matter that rises in this era of modern science.As everyprospect of life become comfortable to human ,they misuse their brain to dirty things like dating abuse,rape even murder.This modern world is totally failed to solve this growing problem.


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