Monday, January 18, 2010

TV, Radio, and Internet Ads: Who can you believe?

One of the ways that companies promote their products is through advertising, whether it be on TV, radio, email, or on Web pages. Personally, I feel that this can be a good market strategy as long as the company is truthful in its claims for its product. However, companies sometimes try to attract consumers who are desperate to find a solution to a personal problem like loneliness, hair loss, or weight gain.

So, what do you do personally to understand whether an advertisement is actually telling the truth? How do you measure its accuracy? What are some of the most interesting or outrageous ads you have ever seen?

Share your ideas.

Here is one listening activity I created on my site on advertising:




kann-u said...

Hello everyone.
There is no comment,when I see this now.So,I will try to say something reasonable on this topic.
Usually,advertisements are witten with some techniques to make its readers or viewers buy products.The techniques are very sophisticated and urge us to buy something unnecessary without our considering.But they seem to have some traits.Makig us careless,urging,fearing for losing money,tacling our liking.
Not to spend money unnecessarily,I wait to buy anything,no matter how appealing it looks.

Bruno da Matta said...

Hello everyone,

I think it's really hard to know if a company is being truthful in its claims for its products. One of the best ways to find out whether its products are reliable is to talk to someone who's bought them.

Bruno (BRA)

Saad Zaman said...

Usually the advertisements lead to mallacious websites that usually takes to loss of time.Well TV and Radio Ads are somewhat acceptable.But internet ads usually lead to fallacious websites that require you to enter your credit card number and get robbed in one way or other.They usually lead to porn websites due to which the attention of user is diverted.

Anonymous said...

I think, the TV creates too much spots, and the goals are just sell and get money. This make the people don't believe in the products.
Here in Mexico, Despite this, people buy this things and sometimes are unhealthy for they.

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