Saturday, April 1, 2017

Street Markets: Bargaining Tips in Your Country

Although haggling (=bargaining for a better price) is common in street markets in certain parts of the world, this practice is not universal. As I have traveled to many parts of the world, I often find myself in street markets trying to buy local crafts (bags, pottery, leather goods). In such cases, I find myself trying to talk down the price. However, I find that some international students, from countries where these practices are common, try to do the same thing where I live in the United States, and the result is that they can appear somewhat aggressive to shop owners.

So, what tips or suggestions do you have for people trying to buy things in stores and street markets in your city or country?



  1. in my country haggling is a normal behavior.
    I think haggling have a close relation (is correct?) with seller shop management. When a seller try to sell his/her stuff more expensive than real price and buyer understand that many of seller do it, try to haggling.
    and this behavior go to a loop. seller try to set higher price and buyer try to more haggling

  2. Old days in Korea, there are many types of street markets in.
    But nowadays, They many disappeared because of Big marts such as E-mart, Home-plus.
    That is more comfortable. But Big marts is not allowed haggling.
    Goods price in big market are decided in more cheap than another market.
    That makes me sad. Because haggling in street market showed a virtue of shop owner and meant mutual conversation.

  3. In China, haggle is very normal during shopping. Maybe only in big shopping mall you don't need to. As a stranger to somewhere, when you want to buy something, haggle is difficult. Patrons never know the deadline of sellers. If you are not good at haggling, you may pay double even tripple or more money than usual. It's unfair. I don't like it. Maybe someone thinks haggle is a kind of communication. But why not sellers be honest?

  4. In Vietnam,Bargaining is normal.Everyone buy somthing in market or street market always bargain.Even the real price can equal half the price that the seller want to buy.So, many buyer is affraid to talk down the highest bargain.Because noone thinks this stuff is cheap like that.The seller in Vietnam prefer to sell with the high price,because the buyer will be enough bargain with suitable price.Normally, if you're try to bargain with the lowest price that the seller still accept,but you usually see their's uncomfortable face.

  5. Hi there,
    In France we usually do not bargain, except for second-hand stuff in flea markets.
    Today, people tend to haggle even in the shops, but it's considered aggressive and badly welcomed.
    Haggling isn't really part of our culture, and prices in the shops are ferm. But you have periods of sales during the year (for example shops sell summer clothes at the end of the summer), and at those times people go in town and do shopping because the prices are much lower and you can sometimes find real bargains.

  6. My uncle is a kind fond of higgling and he does it everywhere,sometimes in regular shops. Once he saw a good leather high price jacket at the regular shop and began higgling with shop assistant. When he was refused he only said that he will bay this jacket anyway with discount. He looked into the shop from time to time with the same offer and after three month of higgling shop assistant surrendered and sold him this jacket with a 100 bucks discount.

  7. In Dominican Republic haggling is very common practice, especially when it comes to used goods like clothes or appliances. But in big mall or big stores this could be regarded badly welcomed. I think now-day people (mostly young people) in my country prefers use internet to find great rates.

  8. I live in VietName, but i don't like haggling because i don't know the breakeven price, so i don't know how much should i lower down the price. i think it is a good way to practice negotiation, but it make people sound aggressive , and so the dishonesity. Consequently, i always buy in famous supermarkets like bigC, which offer a much lower price than the state price in market


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