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Pets: Are they common in all cultures?

Often, we might assume that having some type of pet is common across the world; however, is this really the case? In my family, we have two dogs, a cat, a bearded dragon (lizard), and fish, but this is due in part to helping my kids learn how to care for animals, available space, and a love for animals. But what about you and people in your culture? Are there certain types of pets that people often have? Are there any pets that people don't have due to cultural values or religion? Share your ideas.



فضاءات نقاء said...

hi,iam muslim,in my culture we must
go far away from a dogs .
because,it is do not claen.
anthor pets is good.
i have a canary


islam said...

Hellow, Randall

Yes i think that having animals are different because of culthures, as example: in Egypt, the majority of people are crazy about about keeping birds like chicken, and birds like pigeons and sparrows. and rarly to find who keeping animals like dog and cats.

I want to thak you about your site, whitch make english learning more easy, thank you.


Bran said...

Dogs and cats are the most popular in our country .Besides , many old man raise birds .

P/s: Thanks for your site alot !
Bran- Vietnam .

Bruno said...

Cats and dogs are also the most popular pets here in Brazil. Now as for problems concerning cultural values or religion, I don't think we have any problem with that.
I, myself, have a pet dog. My wife and I love dogs but we can afford to have only one right now because we live in a small apartment. This dog is like a sun to us.

Donald Duck said...

Hello, I am student.
In my country, dogs and cats are common pet. But some people have reptiles and ferocious animals. Most people cherish pet, but a few people don't take care of pets to the end. The pets become homeless and some of them are killed.
I think people who have pet must take care of pets to end.

liza said...

Hi my name is lisa, I from mexico and my favorite pet's is dog's and special the dog's are chihuahua.
I have a dog is name is chico,he have 4 year old and he love carrots.

Marisol said...

Hi! In Mexico in general the common pets are dogs and cats. Also some people prefer exotic pets. In general people have other different animals like lizards, hurons, rabbits, small chikens, mouses, snakes, birds.
I think the most important is care of your pet, doen's matter if it is a common or uncommon pet.

Lee K.J. said...

In Korea, people who have pets are increasing. I had an experience taking care of pets 3years ago. They were Red Poodle and Miniature Schnauzer. I had a happy time with them. They were very cute. However, the reason why I don't have any pets now is that I was not a good pet owner. I love my pets, but I was a lazy person at that time and still I am, so I'm afraid to have pets.

Lee K.J. said...

In Korea, general common pets are dogs. I had Red poodle and Miniature Schnauzer. Some people have different pets like birds or mini pig.

Anonymous said...

I have a dog.It's a Beijing dog.In Taiwan many families have pets.Dog is the most common.In Taiwan,we treat dog just like our friends.We don't eat dog.It's illegal.

duarte said...

Hi I am Duarte, from São Paulo State, Brasil.Here is a good climate, average 25°C temperature.Brasilians love animals and the most of them have dogs. We need to stay secure give them the correct healthy way, like exercises, love, food, clean place, etc. My family has two turtles, fishes, two dogs we named dutchhund or cofapinhos. We have brasilian gamefowl too, the most impressive breed I have seem, for their great beauty and energy. My animals are loved by us full of respect.

Anonymous said...

Here in Vietnam people adopt pets for several reasons. A part of people who live in countryside raise dogs to look after their houses and cats to catch mice. But in the city, people adopt special types of dogs like Chihuahua as pets. Some families have pet cats and fish. My sister has two fish tanks and her daughter plays with the fish all day. This has given her the love to animals. I think we should educate our future generation the love to the nature so that they will converse it.
Adopting pets has its advantages and also disadvantages. I did mention the advantages above. But there are also some disadvantages such as: pets are the cause to spread some diseases and sometimes they cause problems for your house order.
But in sum, if you have enough conditions to adopt pets, do not miss the chance.

daossa59 said...

Hi everybody! In Colombia the most common pets are dogs, but you can also find people who like cats, ornamental birds, or even exotic animals, altough the last ones are now under protection and control of environmental authorities. In some places of the country there are people who still hunt endangered species. It's regrettable.

Nathália said...

Nowadays have pets at home is common. I think that the most common pet used is the dog for the reason that it is a gentle animal.

First of all in my city, Rio de Janeiro, my friends have pets like dogs or even cats, but in my opinion the dogs are better than cats.

In addition, dogs are very friendly animals. In fact, I got used to have dog at home and my dog is like a member of the family.

To sum up i believe that pets are common in all cultures and a like it!

Anonymous said...

except for cats and rabbits , I really don't like another animals . as for dogs , It's dirty and our religion Islam taught us not to touch or even approach to them , 'cause they've a hidden germ that might cause serious damage on human's bodies. If you accidentally touch a dog, you ought to clean your whole body by water with 6 times , and the seventh time should be cleaned with sand. otherwise, the germs will enter your body.
Sorry Randal, but this is my own opinion.

parisa said...

hi im parisa
in my country keeping pet animals such as birds cat and dog is not really strange and som family have them with themselves but its rarely to pamper the pet animals as much as the western do.they just keep and look after them in a casual way.
and most of the people avoid to keep some untidy animals like dogs because our religion prohibit to be in touch with.

Anonymous said...

As to domestic pets, I think that people should strive to keep those common animals that can be kept at home; viz. dogs, cats, and so on. My culture and my religion do not prohibit me from having animals. But I am very careful about the well being of the animals that we can keep at home. For example, I have a cat; and if having the cat would have been problematic to the animal itself and to us, I think that my family would not have accepted the cat. As a result, if we were given a big dog such as a German shepperd, I think that my family would decline the offer. Because we live in a flat, which is no place for such a big dog that needs much room. All in all, before choosing to keep an animal at home, people should consider whether the animal is going to be happy in their environment.

Anonymous said...

hello, Randall, my whole family loves animals, actually my house looks like a shelter, because we have two dogs ( a retriever and one podle), two cats, two squirrels and recently came a bird which can´t still fly.

sally said...

I Have Five Cats.

venz said...

hi! i'm from the country is open with handling animals or having a pet in the house.the're are a lot of animas there, but the most common pets which are really pampered and counted as a member of the family are dogs and cats and birds.because they are more friendly and you would think that they are listening and responding to you..although there are some people who are fond of taking care of exotic animals like iguana,snakes etc most of the people would still wanted to have the dogs and cats. i still have the fresh memory with my dog when i was a child way back 1998.he was so sweet and loving dog.he always come to me and look at me eye to sad that he passed away after he had an injury following a motorcycle accident.i cried and eventhough it hurts me.i was still happy that he was part of our family and made me think that animals are also beings with heart and mind.

Nastya, Russia said...

The most popular pets in Russia are cats and dogs. People don't bring exotic animal, because a climate is poor.
I have two wonderful cats. My cats are very smart, cherful ang nice also they are independent unlike dogs.
I picked up on the street one of my cats and I am very happy because this is an incredible pet.But I can't take in my house an exotic animal, I don't know how to care of it.

Anonymous said...

William Londoño G said...

In Colombia to many people likes pets, but I think that all people have to work very much in the respect of the animals and the nature. Would be very good if bull fighting disappear from the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

In Colombia to many people likes pets, but I think that all people have to work very much in the respect of the animals and the nature. Would be very good if bull fighting disappear from the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Is a good idea teach the children value of life thought of experiences

Anonymous said...

I am live in indonesian
i have many bird in my home,it's beatifull
my bird it's:love bird,kenari,cendet etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Randall,
I'm candy from Taiwan. Recently I'm preparing for GEPT test. One day I found your website, so I started to train my listening skills by watching your video clips. They are very useful. Thank you. Hope I can train my speaking ability, too.
Have a nice day:)

Anonymous said...

Hi everbody,
First of all thank you Randall for this helpfull website. It is very useful and perfect to improve English.
I grown up in a village and I had the change of adopting dogs, rabbits, birds and lambs. But according to our culture and religion we take care of them from outside the house and we do not treat them as a child. Also our religion encourage us to take pity on animals.

Anonymous said...

the pets are very cute ... i love them <3 :3

Anonymous said...

September 30, 2015 Russia , Arseniy

Hi everbody,
First of all thank you Randall for this helpfull website. It is very useful and perfect to improve English.
I've got a funny dog Grammy.She's 2 years old.She likes playing with water,swimming and going for a walk.Grammy has been living in my house for 2 years and she gives me lots of positiv emotions.She's smart,cute,energeric and she can understand me.It's stange,but she is enjoys carrots,strawberries and cucumbers.She is found of digging holes under the house.I am happy,because I've got this dog!

comunicación a través de letras said...

Hello!! Well, in my country is super common to have dogs and cats, and if you have another type of animal, like a turtle or snake you are an "excentric",it's very funny hahahaha.
Paulina Cisterna,Chile

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