Thursday, August 9, 2007

Recommended Travel Destination

Listen and make your suggestion. Here is a link to help you learn more about me and my favorite place:



Mfnooda said...

Hi .. I'm from UAE .. We have many wonderful places such as malls, beaches and parks . The most wonderful place is Khaliefa Tower .

Anonymous said...

I'm from Russia.
I have an attractive summer holiday.
I was in Spain and visited impressive place is Park G├╝ell.

Anonymous said...

Hello,I am from Taiwan.
Taiwan is a quiet beautiful island which is famous for its local food style such as night-markets and Taipei 101.I will go to New York this summer.Hope to have lots of fun there!

Tim said...

This is the first time,I visit Philippine. Philipino is very friendly and kindly likes Taiwanese. And when I finish CeLL course ,I will go to U.S. .Goodby Manila, I hope it is nice trip.

minjung jo said...


I am Jessica.

I am planning to visit New York this summer vacation. It will be very fun and exciting. I can't wait it.

minjung jo said...

I am planning to visit New York

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