Thursday, April 20, 2017

Recommended Travel Destination

There are certainly many wonderful places to visit around the world, and your ultimate destination will depend on what you are looking for. and what you want to see. Personally, I enjoy nature, so my ultimate destination would be to visit a very scenic place in the mountains where I can run, hike, fish, and camp under the stars.

What about you? What is your ideal travel destination? Please share.


  1. Hi .. I'm from UAE .. We have many wonderful places such as malls, beaches and parks . The most wonderful place is Khaliefa Tower .

  2. Hi
    I'm from Russia.
    I have an attractive summer holiday.
    I was in Spain and visited impressive place is Park Güell.

  3. Hello,I am from Taiwan.
    Taiwan is a quiet beautiful island which is famous for its local food style such as night-markets and Taipei 101.I will go to New York this summer.Hope to have lots of fun there!

  4. hello
    This is the first time,I visit Philippine. Philipino is very friendly and kindly likes Taiwanese. And when I finish CeLL course ,I will go to U.S. .Goodby Manila, I hope it is nice trip.

  5. hello^^

    I am Jessica.

    I am planning to visit New York this summer vacation. It will be very fun and exciting. I can't wait it.

  6. I am planning to visit New York

  7. I´m Camilo and I´m from Colombia.

    I will visit Argentina when I´ll graduate from the University. I´m planning to meet its Capital city, Buenos Aires and I would like to meet Rosario city, because this is the place where Lio Messi was born 27 years ago. I would stay in a hotel and I would like to take a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner in the hotel restaurant.

  8. I am Masato from Japan.

    If I have a chance to go anywhere I would like to go to Boulder Colorado in US. That is a popular spot for Japanese professional long distance marathon runner as high altitude training. I am only armature runner but I will sure to go there in the future to get the same feeling like athletes. But I may faint cause of low oxygen.

  9. Hello, I'm a girl who's live in a village of Guadalajara (Spain). If you are planning to visit Guadalajara you may go to "Black Buldings" in the Ocejon area. These are small villages where you can go hiking and also you can taste delicious meals such as lamb, Castillian soup and many others dishes. It is near the mountain where you can enjoy the snow in winter and the autumn trees are amzing!

  10. My name is Maudeline. I'm from Haiti. My country is smallest but there are so many interesting places and so many wonderful sight you can see. Come to visit my country please.

  11. If I was going on a Vacation to New York, the first thing I would do is to visit Yankee Stadium, as I am a big Yankees fan.
    I would try to book a game against the Boston Red Sox, which as you may know are one their most important rivals. After that I would visit the 9/11 memorial as it is a very important site as it honors all of the people that lost their lives on that terrible incident.

    Of course before looking at all of these tourist attractions I would book a hostel, in order to save the most money available to be able to have some great meals and try all the local cuisine. Of course you also have to consider transportation fees, which if you are a person that loves to walk you will be able to spend not so much of money in getting around. I would also visit the statue of Liberty and of course Rockefeller Center. Having all of these in consideration I think I would not spend more than $1,000.00 and that would still leave me plenty of money in order to buy lots of souvenirs.

  12. Well, that would be a beautiful beach city with the awesome facilities, a wonderful hotel room with the view of the city and lovely free dinner. Maybe that's too much for a dream but I wish it happened sometime in my life.

  13. I'm Abner and I'm from Ecuador. This country is a small place, but it has very interesting places. When you travel you can visit Ecuador, you will like it.


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