Friday, September 21, 2007

ESL Classes: Is taking hard classes a good idea?

What I often see as a teacher of ESL is that students want to take language classes at a higher level than they are prepared to handle. These students say they just want to try a harder class and will do their best even though the material is difficult. Unfortunately, these same students don't realize that their decision is not just a personal one because it affects everyone involved. The other higher students don't want to work with lower students and wonder why the student was allowed into the class, and the teacher feels obligated to slow down and simplify the content so the lower-level student understands the class, and the other students don't want that either. And in the United States, if the student is on a student visa and fails a class, it can affect their visa status. Thus, what seems like an individual decision really can affect many other people. I strongly suggest that students do the best at the classes at their level, and if they want more study, find a private study partner or small study group to give them more practice. What do you think on this topic?



djamel said...

really i agree with you,that's right.students with high level in english must be togethere

Ivan said...

Yes, you're right. And I want to add - if a low-level student can't catch material he lost much more than if he would be in a appropriate level group.

Yo said...

I think class needs to be seperated in grade. There is a difference between higher students and lower students to learn something. All learning program are graded like age, gender, build.. and etc. Student's acquirement played a important role to learn something. Some students learn very quickly but others don't. If lower students's learing with others kept on, they are going to be bad little by little. To make lower students not bad, it is necessary for student to make class in grade. Then, students strive to be ahead of others in class and it motivate lower students.
It serve two end.

Ying said...

Hello, Randall!

I think what you described is just like what I came across in the gym. I like to take many kinds of sports classes in the gym. Everytime there are new students who haven't taken the classes before. Then the teacher has to slow down her speed to meet all student's ability. Hence, I have to take the classes repeatly and the content becomes easier and easier for me. So I believe it will be more reasonable if there are more than one classes which fit for various levels.

Although the classes in gym and Enligsh Language Center seem different from each other, the theory is the same. So attending suitable classes is important to students and I agree with Randall's idea.

nhat said...

yes..I totally agree with you. class should be divided into the goups with different levels and students ought to take a grade that is appropriate with them. That is also good for themselves and teacher staff as well

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