Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Typical Meal From My Country

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Anonymous said...

hi,Randall's,I am first time to here,and feel it is very good palce to learn English,Thank you!

No any country can compare with China's thousands kinds of foods.While it is very common that Chinese people have each meal with main food rice, side meats,and vegetables, they prepare for each meal at least one hour.
Generally,each location has their own special foods,so it is very hard to find a same food except for egg-rice. Popular egg-rice can easily be cooked and only just need about ten minutes.

First,people put a little bit oil in a pan to warm, and then put mixed eggs with little salt in it. After one or two minutes, people put the scrambled eggs in a plate. Next, putting oil again in the pan to heat one minute,people add cold,cooked rice which is no matter fresh or the rest from last meals to stir smoothly with proper amount of salt for few mitutes.Some people like to add some chopped green onion in it.last,they put the scrambles eggs into rice and mix them for two minutes.According to individual flavor, people can also add little soy souce and rice wine in it.Then,egg-rice is ready to eat.

Isn't is easy? you can try it!

RitaZ said...

Hi, dear Randall, and all!

I'm an EFL teacher in Argentina, very lucky to have met Randall f2f in the TESOL Convention in Seattle last March, and also thankful to be able to share this space with our generous friend and many other teachers around the world.

I have a very simple Webquest on a typical Argentinian food, I prepared for teachers here, (the webquest, not the meal ;-))at

Congrats, Randall, this blog is great!

Best wishes from Rosario (2nd city in the country)


Anonymous said...

Hi,Randall.It is my my first time to visit your site and i found it interesting and educational.I am planning to take IELTS next month so i have to practice seriously and i find this site to be a big help for me.

In the Philippines we have many different cuisine that almost Filipino prepare in their table everyday.I can site one example, ADOBO.It is one of the famous food that i can be proud of.There are different kinds of adobo like:pork adobo,chicken adobo,stringbeans adobo and a lot more.The ingredients of adobo are soysauce,onion,garlic,vinegar or lemon juice,pepper.In preparing this you have to marinate the pork by mixing all the ingredients overnight or 1-2 hours before cooking.Then you simmer it until the pork is tender.You can add potatoes cut into cubes as extender wait 3-4 minutes.Now you can start and enjoy your meal with rice and iced tea.

humairah shahid said...

I belong to Pakistan,one of the Asian countries,my country is so much rich in its flavor and culture that it is very hard to confine it in one meal. Here I will only innumerate one of the meals which I like the most and is quite traditional as well because it is one of the dish in menu of weddings and other occasions in my country the name of that food is 'Biryani'.

This is the dish which is very rich in colors, flavours, aroma as well as in starch and proteins because it contains rice and meat as its key ingredients.

Though it sounds little intricate to an outsider but I am sure that when a person has an instance to see this dish it will certainly provoke his taste and he will definitely like it.

rsm1008 said...

In my country Philippines, our typical meal is composed of rice, Filipino viands, and desserts. We always have rice in our meal because this is a very good source of carbohydrates which we need in our daily activities. Our popular viand is Sinigang. The common ingredients are chopped raddish,kangkong and pork. They are mixed together in boiling water. One can add some spices according to one's taste. Then add the main ingredient which is tamarind. Personally I love this viand because I can get fibers and protein that my body needs. But what I enjoyed most is the dessert. We always eat fruits at the end of our meal.

Anonymous said...

I am from ARGENTINA, and here we use to drink a couple of cafe and run away! But we have a lot of typical food: barbacues, pasta, meet whit vegetables, etc. We also use to eat some fruit after lunch and dinner. We use to drink water and juice. About the utensils there ara some specialls for barbacues; and we eat it a lot because on Sundays we meet with parents and friends an use to eat it! We have also a typical food call EMPANADA, its very good and you can prepare it in many forms. Comparing with other countries, we eat a lot during the dinner and very late; like 10 pm

alexbrasil said...

Brazilian food is great! We have many and many different types of tipical foods. Depending on the region you live you can experiment different ways of cooking and tastes of sauce. Basically rice and beans is our main food with any kinds of complements. One of the most famous is FEIJOADA that consists in a mixture of many internal parts of pig with beans very well flavoured. The best drink to join it is Caipirinha that consists in a special mixture of Lemon, Ice, Sugar and CACHAÇA, an alcoholic drink, delicious taste.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Mexican. I think that a typic mexican food is tacos. If you want to prepare tacos, you just need tortillas and chiken or meat. It's very easi to cook tacos because actually if you are not in Mexico you can go to a supermarket and you can buy the ingredients. If you like spice food, you can find a lot of spices and you can add to your tacos.
Spice food is very Mexican...

Anonymous said...

Hi Randall's, thank you very much for this web, we can learn listing english, you're weg is wonderful. I have learn a lot with you web.

Well, I from El Salvador, and my country we prepared different kinds of food, i can be proud of pupusas this is the most famous meal, this is made with corn tortilla and then inside we add cheese and beans,next the pupusas cooks in the griddle, this is the traditional food,sometimes we add other kinds of food like a ground pork and put together inside de tortillas. And the dessert we eat "chilate with nuegados" this is sweet, chilate is a drink but doesn't have taste, is made with corn, and the nuegados is different is very sweet, are made with corn too and add maple honey, is for this razon that we eat together the chilate and nuegados because contrast both taste.
In my country we eat a different food from other countries like mexican food, chinese food, american food and others.

I hope that you come to El Salvador and taste the pupusas, is delicious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Randall. I am a Spanish woman and not only do I love cooking, but I love eating too.
It is said that in my country meals are wonderful and very healthy, because we are used to cooking diverse vegetables, meats, fishes and fruits that are very good for our organism.
But, on the other hand, in Spain you can find an important set of fat foods that are no so good for us if we eat every day, for instance: chorizo, tocino, fat cheeses and typical foods like gachas, migas, torreznos and other fried foods.
Then, all of these fat meals are very delicious and we are used to eating them in parties and when families join in celebrating a birthday or something like that.
Moreover, these meals are very easy to cook, although it is typical that it is cooked by grandfathers and grandmothers because of their experience.
Finally, I invite you to savour a lot of meals and foods that I tell you, so you discover the fascinating world of flavours.
Try it!

Miguel said...

Hello! My name is Miguel and I'm a spaniard too. I recomend everybody to come to Spain and taste our food. Depending on the region you visit, you'll find a large number of different foods, but not a single spaniard eats badly! For instance, I'm from Andalucía, and here, in summer, I recomend drinking "gazpacho", which is a fresh drink made by mixing tomatoes, peppers, garlic, bread, olive oil, vinegar, salt and fresh water. Dare to taste it! You can find out the recipe on the internet and is an excellent drink for the hot terms.
I'll drink it to the health of all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I am from HUBEI,CHINA.The food in my country varies greatly.Since I am from HUBEI ,i will introduce our HUBEI food to you.
THE typical meal in HUBEI is hot dried noodle.Usually sold by vendors in street,it is the perfect choice for breakfast.First,put the noodle in hot water for a while,in the meantime,put salt,soy sauce,chopped green onion and sesame butter in a bowl.Second,put the noodle in the bowl and mix them.You can taste the palatable meal in an instant.

amui said...

Hi, I'm from Cuba.

I must admit our typical food is not wealthy at all. We love roasted pork and fried pork meat.
A typical meal in Cuba would be white rice and black beans (with that special, delicious, sometimes spicy and unforgettable cuban taste), fried "tostones" o "mariquitas" (banana), pork or sometimes chicken, "yuca con mojo" and salad (typically made of lettuce and tomatoes).

We also enjoy "tamales", made of corn, filled with typical "chicharrones" (fried pork) and wrapped in the leaves of the plant, and prepare a kind of soup call "guiso" with corn and vegetables.

Ah, there is our "ajiaco", the dish we inherited from the "tainos". That is a dense soup made of almost anything: you ought to add por of course, and then potatoes, sweet potatoes, "yuca", bananas, corn, onion, garlic, spices. That is a very typical recipe people make in common in big pans in popular festivities.

Even when we are an island in the middle of the Caribean Sea, cubans do not eat fish often. You can find delicious and very "criollas" recipes made by the housewifes in coastal towns, but that is less common, and less known than our pork, our "mojo", and our "congri" (a cooked mixture of white rice and black beans).

I've seen adds here about a typic cuban bread, but, seriously, we do not eat that kind of bread in Cuba at all.

Well, that's it.


haha said...

I am a chinese.When we talk about the food,I think I have a lot of to share with all of you here. As a lover of chinese food, I can talk about it one week. Too many typical meals in china are very popular, such as moon cake, cross bridge rice noodle and "shuixi"(a kind of meal that contains 24 dishes, water is very important and indispensable in all of them) and so on.One of them is very common in china called hotpot that many foreigners konw about it. The flavoring is very important for hotpot, which includs salt, cayenne pepper, tabasco pepper, and chili,msg.The flavoring is mingled with water in the hotpot to be heated until the temperature reach about 100 degrees centigrade. Then we can put the food into the hotpot to eat. It is a very simple process so that any foreigner can make it as long as he stays in china for just a month.

Anonymous said...

Here in China,we have these traditional things for breakfast.Fried bread sticks, steam buns ,sesame seed cake , fried radish cake, egg cakes and soymilk .

Anonymous said...

Hi, Randall's

I'm Wonkyun from South Korea, but now I'm staying Powell in WY to study. Since I'm here in Powell, I miss one of the most famous Korean dish, Kim Chi ( Korean fermented cabbage salad). My wife and I have been trying to make it, but we failed it in the end. It's hard to find profer ingredients here. Anyway, thank you for the great website. Have a nice day!

Yo said...

Few days ago, I posted about Kimchi in other post issue.
So, this time, I would like to introduce Bulgogi to you.
Bulgogi's ingredients are mainly beef or meet, little ChungJu(clear strained rice wine), little sugar and little pear juice. And above all, spices sauce is very important for giving flavor to food. Spice sauce are made by soy sauce, minced, garlic, leek, powdered sea some, sesame oil.

Now, Bulgogi's recipe hear we go!
First of all, Beef is cut into small pieces in the opposite direction of beef texture. After that beef souse with ChungJu, sugar in bowl for 30 minutes.
Next, put soy sauce, minced garlic, minced leek, powdered sea some, sesame oil into bowl for making spice sauce.
And then, mix sliced beef in spice sauce. and now, Bulgogi is ready for roast.
You just roast spiced beef on the grill.
It can seems to be hard to make this food. but if you can make spices sauce, it is really easy.

tuyet said...

hi, Randall's, i'm Vietnamese student. I'm very glad to share this subject: eating habit. I find it interesting and pleasant to discuss. We can have distance in language, but culture,esp eating culture will create a brigde between us. As you know, Viet Nam is famous for traditional and delicious food, many foreigners often say vietnamese food has special way of process and easy to eat. Like other asian countries, Vietnamese food is served like" communal ". We share food with each other, this create "community".
I think you should try "phở" as my suggestion. However, there are other delicious foods like "bánh cuốn", "bánh canh"," bún","bánh xèo"...Each kìnd of food is processed quite differently according to regions.
I live in the central part of Viet Nam, so i'd like to introduce you the special dish : "bánh xèo".First we need main ingredients like rice which is ground into powder and mixed with water. This mixture shouldn't be too watery or thick. Other ingrediences are shrimp , bean sprout, oil, onion leaves, mushroom, and finally fice sauce.
Let's get started. Pour a little oil onto the heated pan, then add shrimp, the best is shrimp alive. Next, use a large spoon to pour the mixture of ground rice and water till it spread over the pan flatly.When you cook it , you will hear the sound "xèo" which bring it this name. After that, you put mushroom and then bean sprout on "bánh xèo". Let cook our banh xeo until it turns into yellow. You can add onion leaves on it.
Banh xeo is eaten with fish sauce which is made with garlic, sugar, chilli ,lemon juice. You can use rice paper , vegetables to eat banh xeo.
It's easy, isn't it! try and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

hi,I am Marce in my country the food is very diferent depending on the regions. But the dishes have many things like vegetables, mead, rise, pasta, leguminous, this food is variety. it is delicious!

Ying said...

First of all, let me greet to you Randall, and thank you to creat such a good place to express my idea. Actually it's not my first time to post a comment.

Okay, since I'm a Chinese, let me introduce some Chinese traditional food, although I also don't have much knowledge. There are eight style of food system in China, including Lu, Chuan, Yue, Min, Su, Zhe, Xiang and Hui. Among these systems, the Chuan style is the most widly spreaded. All over the China eat Chuan food for their dinner or so. The most important for Chuan style should be the pepper. Almost all of the dishes should not be lack of pepper, like hot-pot which favoritely accpeted by Chinese and overseas.

Chinese food, I belive, is well known among all over the word. Remember, if you come to China, you must visit a traditional restaurant to take all the eight typical foods.

mazen said...

this is mazen wakka from syria
i cant express my thans to you by words only
this website is extremely fruitful you gave me lots of lingual benifits and a sense of being living in your respectful culture and above all of that, it is free!!!i cant believe it.
thanks a lot for your efforts and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hi!My name is Nastya and I am from wonderful and rich for delicious recipes country,Russia.All people in my country like eating tasty and substantial food.And one of our traditional dishes is pelmeni.There are a lot of different kinds of pelmeni's recipes,but my favourite is old-russian:
First take 600g of potato and put 25g of dry mashrooms and boil it.Secondly fry it with onion.Next put your stuffing to the fancy,salt it,put dill on your pelmeni and finally give it to your guests with sour cream. Bon apetite!!!

Luka said...

Hello, nice to see you and to write here..))

Ukraine is the country i live. it's meal tradition is very old and delicious. Ancestores used a lot of vegetables and meat in their cuisine. and one of the most important things was and is a bread. Fresh ukrainian bread can't be compared with anything. Different kinds of bread. Foer example if you cook a trditional ukrainian beetroot soup, calles borstch, you shoulr eat it with the garlik bread or so called black bread. Bread is a thing to respect on the table.
our soups comparing with europian are very liquid, traditionally cook with meat and bouillon.
also we cook pies with meat, fruit. and one more traditional thing is vareniki. Vareniki is like fruit or vegetables in the paste, the raviolli principal, but much bigger.
it's not difficult to cook our dishes. if you make vegetables you usually fry or stew them. Fried potatoes, stewed vegetables with meat usually take yiu not more then hour.

Ukrainian food is amazine, just try it!

burhan said... name is burhan aslan..I make menemen.first. I have two tomatoes and two peppers,three tea glass olie,and salt....these mixes in the pan..

rıdvan said...

hi..ı am from ANTAKYA.I describe antakya's food.I describe ebugannuc.When ı cook ebugannuc,first you cook eggplant on the heater then you cut eggplant,you put salt,cucumber,oil,and you mix them and you eat thank you....RIDVAN

Mustafa Hakyoldaş said...

Hi Randall, First I wanna thank you because you have a very enjoyble web site for students.My town tradinional food is Nigde Tava. It's so delicious.If you wanna do this you should listen to me :).'s a meat meal . You should use 1 kilograms meat and lat of tomato and pepper and a few garlic enough this meal. If you don't do this you can call me :) or you can send a e-mail for problems :) see u soon

Anonymous said...

Today i live in Brasil. My country has many bealtiful and tasty foods;to me one of them is rice, bean, meat and frie potato.I love this food and its represents the essence of my country.
To do this food is very simple. First of all you make rice and bean; secondly you put salt and some pepper to make the meat and after this you make the frie potato.
I always eat this food in my house or in restaurants. In addition, it is an easy and fast recipe to do. I have sure that anybody who eat this will love it.
Overall, my country has many kinds of foods to eat and i told here what i think that represents a typical meal from my country.

joseph said...

hello mr Randall I am joseph,an indian.I do not know if you know about various indian food culture that varies from north to south ,east to west .I am from the southern part of kerala (a beautiful state in India known as GOD'S own country.)here I like to give you some information about a traditional food item in kerala that is,tapioca and fish curry(a typical fish species called KARIMEEN).it is very tasty and i invite all of you to visit kerala ,enjoy the beautiful scenery and food .

Anonymous said...

Its just so funny!
i really cant imagen how the pizza was.. because Ilike pizza so much and i always say about it that it is yammmmmmmee
anyway..mother's cooking is always Better than father's.

Anonymous said...

Ilike trying in the life,so ithink if i donot know how to do some things i must first to try it even i was make amistake.Pizza is a nice food i love it very much ,i donot know how to make it but my sister make it very nice and it was my favourit food.(iwil learn from her how to do it)!! ,also ithink that mother cooking is better than father.

w.student said...

Hi every body..
Iam here for doing my homework but really I love this web site..I feel it is very useful for us to develop our english by listening and understanding..
When I listen this listening I smile because I love it although I don't get top mark in it but there is no problem.. Iam here to learn =)

Anonymous said...

Hi every one..
Iam here for doing my homework but really I love this website..It is help us to develop our english by listening and understanding without readind..
When I listen I smile and feel happy although I don't get top mark , but there is no problem I'm here to learn..
I made pizza one time ago for my friends and I take it with me to the school..and they said it was delicious but I don't make it again because I don't like cook to much..

Anonymous said...

Hi every one..
Iam here for doing my homework but really I love this website..It is help us to develop our english by listening and understanding without readind..
When I listen I smile and feel happy although I don't get top mark , but there is no problem I'm here to learn..
I made pizza one time ago for my friends and I take it with me to the school..and they said it was delicious but I don't make it again because I don't like cook to much..

Anonymous said...

Hi every one..
Iam here for doing my homework but really I love this website..It is help us to develop our english by listening and understanding without readind..
When I listen I smile and feel happy although I don't get top mark , but there is no problem I'm here to learn..
I made pizza one time ago for my friends and I take it with me to the school..and they said it was delicious but I don't make it again because I don't like cook to much..

Mfnooda said...

Hi . . I'm from UAE .. our typical meal is rice and in a party we do "Harees" this is the best kind of food for me.

Ayaa#3 said...

first I want to mention that I abmire this webside,Really the person who did it and chose these stories is so creative.
Secondly,I want to commend about this story,it's a funny story.I think mothers should not put fathers in charge of feeding things because if fathers didn't leave the children hungry they will sicken them from their cooking.In fact, I don't know how was the pizza taste,but all what I know that I hope not to taste like it in whole my life

Aisha said...

said by Aisha:
hi teacher wendy , this story learn about not making aour self know all things like what happen for this fatter who try to make pazzia .

MESEV Tutor said...

Hi everyone,

I am Mexican. We also have lots of delicious food with chicken. For example we have a very traditional dish called "Mole". It is made with dry chili also chocolate, salt sugar and other spices and of course chicken. The spices are mixed heated then the chicken is added. It is sweet and salty depending on one´s taste. If you haven´t tried it I suggest you do.

Yessy said...

Hi!, I'm Yessy from Arequipa Peru. And well, at home I was never used to prepare difficult meals so I always chose the easier ones, but I was thinking of a meal that is very common here in Arequipa, it's called "Adobo Arequipeño" and people have it for breakfast, it's prepared with pork and onions with something that is called "aji colorado" I didn't find the meaning but it's delicious!!!
To prepare it first, put the condiments (salt, pepper, vinegar, aji colorado)on the pork and let it waiting for one entire night... then add water and next boil it with chopped onions..... Finally you can eat it with a piece of bread. Delicious!

Vic Nguyen said...

A typical meal from my country? That's interesting. I'm from Asia, actually Vietnam. I'm sure you've heard about it, haven't you? In my country, rice is everything to us. We've been eating rice like for centuries. Besides that, we also have potato soup, grilled meat & fried fish sometimes. I have to say that my mom is the best cook ever in this world. No one can't deny it even you I mean if you have a chance to actually taste my mom's cooking. I'm sure she's planning on opening a restaurant. That's cool, right?. Anyway, that's my typical meal, my family's typical meal. Best wishes.

Anna Lukich said...

Well as to russian cuisine we have lots of porridges as our everyday meal: oatmeal, milletmeal, buckweatmeal, rise porridge. Al of them are healthy to start off the day. Here is a recipie of my favorite millet porridge. First you have to put pun with water on the stove and boil it, second add some sugar, pinch of salt and millet. After boil it in small fire for ten minutes under the cover, then add some hot milk and boil it covered again for ten minutes. Bon appetit!

Cussy Focus said...

In my country, I have breakfast with solf-boiled rice, rice porridge or rice with some dishes. For luch and dinner i have rice or noodle sometime we eat snacks between meals also.

Cussy Focus said...

In Thailand, I have breakfast with solf-boiled rice, rice porridge or rice with some dishes. For luch and dinner i have rice or noodle sometime we eat snacks between meals also.

Natalia said...

Hello! My name is Natalia, I'm from Ukraine. The typical meal from my country always were meat and porridge. We have plenty kinds of porridge - buckweat meal, cream of rice, porridge of millet and maize. Every morning we're starting with oatmeal. The main national dish of my country is the borsch. Every Ukrainian woman knows how to make this dish. To do this food is not very simple. And every woman has a secret of making borsch. Borsch includes those ingredients: beef or pork, onion, carrot, potatoes, garlic, freshly ground pepper, beets, cabbage, tomato souse and parsley. We serve the borsch garnished with sour cream and fresh spring of parsley. Welcome to Ukraine and I hope you will love it just as much as me!

Ivan David said...

Hi there, just a question.
'Dinner Time' In the point 4, the answer seems to be 'It was too chewy' but I wrote too salty... Is it really chewy the pizza? Unless Rich and chewy means the same in this context... I can't find the point in being chewy.

Thank you!

Mariela Herrera said...

Hi. My name is Mariela Herrera. Most of the time traditional meals from PERU have rice, chicken, meat, and potato. We grow up more than 500 kinds of potatoes. I wanna talk about our Lomo Saltado. It has different ingredients that will complement this meal. First, cook rice in a separate pot rice. Second, peel potatoes and cut to fry as french fries. Third, Cut and friend meat, onions and tomatoes. To end, add soy sauce, small pieces of cilantro, salt and pepper. I love this meal.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Cristine Braga. I am brazilian and my country is plenty of delicious food. Historicaly, we mix portuguese, african and indians traditions. This reflect in our gastronomy.We eat bread, butter, cheese, milk, fruits, cakes, juices for breakfast.Some people are usued to eat just a little for breakfast- bread with butter and coffee. But we can have a big breakfast here too. For lunch and dinner we have the typical 'rice and beans" with meat, eggs, letucce and tomato salad.
A typical and famous brazilian dish is Feijoada. The ingredients are black beans,pork pieces, orange and cabbage. First, we put oil, onions, garlic and salt in a pan. Let it fry. Add cooked beans and pork pieces. Add watter and let it cooking until the meat become soft and tender (about a hour). Serve with white rice and pieces of orange.It's delicious!

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