Saturday, July 14, 2007

Slang: Okay or Not?

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  1. I think that the learning the official language for foreign learners is the more important and useful than learning a slang especially that there are vast slangs found in every place , at least in the beginging .

  2. In my opinion, the use of slang is not universal understood.For instance, In my country, we describe people who are confused and lost focus to what he/she's doing as 'blurred' in metaphorical way.But this slang doesn't understood by my Australian colleague who only understand the literal meaning.Therefore it's not important to focus in learning the slang making yourself speak like native speaker. I would rather focus more in accurate pronounciation to get the message across.

  3. If we are english learning beginners we shouldnt try not to focus on slangs.Slangs are different in every place, it may confuse us while learning english. We should focus first on the basics and when we have perfected our english we might try to start using slangs.....

    VIKING THE GREAT, Zamorano ,Honduras

  4. In my opinion, slang is a second step in learning english. That is beacause after you have mastered english as a language, you can feel free to move to this second step and try to perfect your english skills. This makes slang not universal because it is just a division of english language which we can learn after mastering the first level which is perfecting the pronunciation and the grammar of english language.


  5. In my opinion, slang will be the last part that you are going to worry about when you are learning a foreing language. When you perfectly know the language, you can start learning slang, and only if it is necessary in case you are going to stay there or live there for a long period of time....

  6. I don’t think slang is universal, and I think you gave us a quite good example of it. Some slang terms used in a particular part of a country, for instance, might not be understood in another part of it. I think, however, that being familiar with some slang terms used in a particular area – where you’re probably living, or from where you have international friends— is quite a good way for you to improve the communication with local members of this community.


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