Monday, July 16, 2007

International Language

Listen and write your comments about the topic.


  1. I think english is a really important language, and has been the most important language in international bussines for a long time, but I think this is the age of Chinese or Asian languages.

    Sebastian Ch.

  2. I believe that your reflection about the importance of international language, is quite assertive because it enhances a reality that we english-speakers tend to forget.
    I propose fom my humble thoughts that other important languages besides Engish, there is Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Chinese.

    A. Botto.

  3. Speaking English is very important around the world, because for some reason everybody tries to comunicate with that language. Although, I think spanish is verry importan too, it is known that it is a very popular language. Another important and soon to become the most spoken language is mandarin, because there is a growing population that speaks it.

  4. English is the language of bussines, but other languages are important too. For example, mandarin is a language used by many people today and also Spanish becouse the poblation taht used is growing.

  5. I would say the european languages are as important as English .They are France and Germany where most of their people don;t even speak simple English. The other potentially important language is Mandarin which the country's economy is growing exponentially in this era and they are the largest population in the, Mandarin could be the most widely spoken language other than English.

  6. I think the reflection on an international language is very important. Also as it is said english isnt the most widely language spoken. There are many other languages that have the same importance like Spanish, German and Chinese.


  7. English seems to be the international language nowadays. Most of the business done and the scientific studies carried out today are done, for the most part, in English. Besides, English is also the language used in the technological field. Of course, other languages are as important as English, but the English language has a history behind its current status.
    I think it’s clear that without a strong power-base, whether political, military or economic, no language can make progress as an international medium of communication. (David Crystal)
    And when it comes to learning a language (which is not yours) to become part of a global community, native speakers of this language have a huge advantage over non-native speakers.


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