Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Technology: Does it really help in the classroom?

For many years, computer and software companies have claimed that computers can help students learn, but some say that many of the studies to show this have been done by the companies themselves. Is the computer industry just trying to sell computers, or is there real evidence to prove this? Have computers help you learn English? If so, share your experiences.


  1. Hi,I'm a girl from Taiwan.My name is Quan.Thanks Randall's ESL Blog give me the chance to practice my writing skill.

    I think the technology of computer development sooner and sooer.It do help human society to advance,but learning in the classroom is a process about gathering knowledge.So I think the computer technology only helps students to gathering information easyer,but if talk about transfer information to knowledge,no one can help except the student itself.

  2. Technology disseminates knowledgy beyond cultural and geographical boundries and nowadays the latest technology comprises of none other than computers nowadays every work is automated with the help of computers nomatter whether it is learning any language or any other task.
    As far as i am concerned I feel that computer plays an imperative role in learning english language because first of all learning from computer is very interactive ,nteresting and less time consuming as well.
    Nowadays there are so many websites which teach us various aspects of english language such as reading,listening,writing as well as speaking I have learnt alot from these websites and I believe if anybody go through these sites thoroughly he will certainly learn english more effectively and in less span of time.
    Therefore I believe that technology particularly computer technology really helps in learning any language on behalf of my personal experience .

  3. I' here, on this site thanks to computers and computer networks. And I can answer on this question -yes.

  4. I think the latest technologies (computers, software and the Internet itself) have really helped me improve my knowledge of the English language by practicing it using different interactive platforms/software such as MSN messenger and Paltak. It's great to be able to talk with other learners of the language as well as with native speakers of it. Such technologies have certainly been of great use ( or come in handy) those who cannot afford to travel to an English-speaking country.


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