Friday, July 20, 2007

Classroom Differences: Why do they exist?

Listen and share your ideas on the topic.


  1. Asian students almost are shy because of their education history. They were always to be acceptor and be not required to be a producer in lessons. I was a typical Asian student.I ever doubt if my question or idea stupid and helpless.

  2. Hi randall and everybody.
    Now the topic is about the classroom behaviour.Suppose a class is going with a good strength of students from Asia,Africa and North America.If the techer is discussing about Indian History.Now the situation is ready that different people wil bnehave differently .An Asian will feel good about Indian History and he feels very happy.Whereas the other persons like Americans,Africans feel bad that why should we learn Indian history.Rather they will feel that why don't we learn our history and culture.Then they stand and they will ask the teacher like this "Excuse me Medam,Why don't you teach either American or African history".Then the asian student will take it as negatively and they will behave rudely.Due to this a lot will happen in the class and class ill be stopped.So this happened because of the not interraction betweeen tne student and the techer.So to avoid classroom disturbances ,there should be good interraction between teacher and all the students.And also that if ther is no interraction like this ,some students may not know about what is being discussed in the class.And mainly that this type class room behaviours will vary fromm culture to culture and country to country.So I agree that this behaviour is quite comm on in the classrooms.I hope all the participants will read this and they also will help us to avoid these classroom disturbences.
    Thankyou everybodyand thanks a lot to Randall for giving us this oppurtunity to learn English like this.

  3. I think that one of the ways of avoiding negative perceptions of people from different cultural backgrounds is to try to teach our students to be culturally aware, meaningly, that they should understand that our own culture somehow determines how we see and understand the world and that we tend to judge things and people based on our own principles and beliefs. However, we live in a multicultural world and people should be able to interact with others respecting each other’s points of view and the way they behave, which is also determined by their culture. I agree with Randall when he says that this “problem” might be attributed to the role of the teacher in class due to the fact that most classes are teacher-centered and most teachers do not know how to deal with a multicultural class.


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