Friday, July 13, 2007

International Marriages

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  1. I´m happily married to a foreigner and I think the key ingredient is to be ready to accept differences and willingness to adjust. You need to be a little adventurous and have a good sense of humor as well.

  2. I am a 59 years old brasillian guy. I´m married for 34 years. I think the love and survival sense are fundamental to live together and have childrens.

  3. I think international marriage is not only a marriage of two people from different countries, but also a marriage of two different cultures. People who want to marriage their lover from other country should ask themself whether they love the culture brought from their foreign lover. This may be the key for the success of such relationship.

  4. I think one of the most important factors that lead to successful international marriage is sympathy to your partner. You should spend a lot of time sharing your emotions, your feelings and help your partner adapt quickly to new environment.

  5. I think international marriages can succeed very well, or perhaps can even be a total failure. I think understanding, accepting differences and willingness to adjust to changes can make a difference in order for the marriage to succeed.

  6. I think if you marry a person from a different country it is because you know him well.The married couple should accept each other as they are.


  7. I think international marriage can suceed, if the two people are in love. If they are not in love the marriage is going to fail.

    Juan Pedro Rosero
    Zamorano, Honduras.

  8. I think problems in international marriages can come up because of the difference in customs within both cultures. Maybe the best thing someone can do before marrying another from a different place is to get to know them as much as they can. Then I think, as in all kinds of marriages, it all depends on love and how much they really want to be together.

    Daniel Ayon

  9. I think this is a very interesting topic to discuss, there are couples that live "happily ever after", and others who get divorced, I think it is because they can't understand each other's customs, no matter if they love each other.

    Julio Flores

  10. i think people from different culltures can have a good marriages if they have communication to solve they difrences

  11. I agree that even in the best relationships problems might arise and the best way to resolve this issue is to talk about them. Having a common channel of communication is probably one of the key factors to have a successful relationship.
    An international marriage sounds even more challenging, but if I may say so, there might be some cultural differences even in someone’s own country. Meaningly, people come from different religious and socio-cultural backgrounds and they have their own opinions about their roles in a relationship. Their views of what a harmonious relationship should be might be different from their partners’. And it may cause a lot of stress and confusion.


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