Thursday, July 19, 2007

Favorite Websites for Learning English

Many students use the Internet to improve their English skills; finding the best sites for you often takes time. How about helping other students find some good sites to improve their language skills. Many of these sites are designed for language learners; others were created for native speakers. One of my favorites is Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom at

This site has a huge collection of questions students and teachers can use to start conversations. How about you? What sites can you recommend to other learners? Write about your favorite Websites here.


  1. I think using websites to improve you English skills can be very useful for many people. I use many webistes at my school and one of my favorite ones is Maybe this website can be useful for someone.


  2. It's the most wonderful thing I've ever seen in mi life. I'm fully pleasant. this website is way beyond. you are the best Randall, God bless you!! Peace out!

  3. My favorite learning english website would definately be BBC learning english,
    . It's an informative and complete one-stop learning english website which consists of news, songs,quiz,opera soaps,story,on-line idioms teacher, etc. The variaty of ways in the website making learning english an interesting lesson.i'm surfing this website everyday and i strongly recommended this website to those motivated in learning english.

  4. I think the web is getting good at offering a lot of resources that were never available before. I like
    because it gives you a chance to listen to English as it is actually spoken.

  5. It takes time to find good sites especially designed for language learners. I’d like to contribute with the url of a website where English language learners will find many other links to other webpages where they can improve their language skills.


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