Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Native and Non-Native Language Teachers

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  1. teachers dont have to be native speaker for be good, but the ventages of having an native speaker is because the accent and pronunciation

  2. Hi..!!
    Your topic is really interesting.
    I think that we should take into account some qualities to define whether a teacher is Native or not. In the case of that student, if her teacher grew up in the US it's ok to say that she was a native speaker, but if a teacher learns to speak a language after he spoke another one for a long time, we can not say she is native teacher. Now, answering your question, maybe Non-native teachers can teach as well as the Native ones do, because what it's important when your are learning is to understand what the teacher is saying. Here is the point, the only difference between Native and Non-native teacher is their accents and it won't affect a lot in our learning process.
    Once again, Congratulations for taking about this thing...

  3. Well, I think it's not just a matter of being a native speaker or not. Teachers should be qualified and have vast experience in the teachinfg field. For example, I'm a native speaker of Portuguese, but I can't see myself teaching my native language because I have very little knowledge of how it shoud be taught. I may be fluent in it, but it doesn't mean I'm able to teach it to non-native speakers.


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