Friday, July 20, 2007

Most Important Language Skills

Over the past week, visitors have responded to the question as to which language skill is most important to them. Not surprisingly, speaking and listening appear to be the most important language skills to students. The question, then, is how can students improve their communication skills, particularly in countries where English isn't the native language. Share your ideas on this topic.


  1. “Which language skill is most important to you in improving your English? “. It isn’t easy to answer this question. Actually, I wasn’t surprised at answers because I’ve ever responded like that. At first, I though speaking and listerning were very important to us in English studying inasmuch as we use two skills everyday. Therefore, I cared them much than the other skills.However, after studying English for a long time, I realized grammar was the most important, the next was writing. Now that when you study grammar carefully, you can speak English well. When you study writing, you can improve your vocabulary, making sentences… At last, no matter what languages you learn or no matter how you learn, I think you should take interest in all five skills: listerning, speaking, writing,reading , grammar.

  2. Well, when I first read the question, I immediately thought that all of them are very important skills. A competent speaker of a given language should be able to make use of all of them while engaged in a communicative event. However, when I read it again, I noticed that the rest of the sentence added a quite different meaning to what I had previously understood. It says “in improving your English”… Therefore, I believe that the most important skill to help learners in improving their English is listening… As opposed to what many people think, it is quite an active skill, and there’s no better way to pick up language than listening to it. The more learners are exposed to native speakers’ speech, the more they’ll learn about sentence structure, intonation, and how context plays an important role in the kind of language which will be produced.

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  4. I would agree on Bruno,listening is the most important aspects of effective communication, it is not just understanding the words but knowing also what the speaker feels about what they’re communicating.It is important to apply and use correctly what you hear and read.I would say that english translation could help us minimize the barriers in understanding different languges.


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