Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter: Has he changed reading habits?

Listen and write your opinion on the topic.


  1. I think that to some extent this reading boom to Herry Potter series books is contemporary, it is getting many people know the fun of reading books. It will connect to other books regardless which kinds of books rather than going back to do computer games.

  2. In my person opinion, most yang people will go back to play video games. A few persons are willing to spend time to read other books. If hot stories are published in the market, yang people are still keep on reading. I guess movies and games are the most important factors to make them read.

  3. In my opinion "Harry Potter" changed many young people in my country( I am from Russia). They begin to read books, they like to read books, thanks to "Harry Potter". Masha.

  4. Herry Potter series book is really fascinating, I think. But it will never replace Video games and computer games. Coz as I know almost people like to surf Internet, especially adult people. They doo not like comic books so much. So habit of reading Herry Potter books is popular with a small children groups.

    I am from Vietnam


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