Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Ideal Date: Cultural Expectations and Differences

Although dating is common throughout the world, its practices are not universal. In fact, in many cultures, dating, as many of us see it, is not encouraged, permitted, or desired. However, when we don't understand the behaviors and values of other cultures, we often misjudge people and what they do. Furthermore, the concept of the ideal date can differ within the same culture, depending on the interests, age, educational background, and experiences of the individual. For example, one might enjoy going out to eat and catching a movie. In my case, before I got married, I enjoyed doing things in the outdoors like packing a lunch and going on a hike in the mountains. I chose this kind of date not because of my culture, but of my personal interest in enjoying nature outside. So, what about you? What is your image of the ideal date? What dating activities are acceptable in your culture, and which are not? Share your ideas.

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  1. Brazilians usually go to the movies or take their dates to a nice and cosy restaraunt.We do love to talk and get to know a little bit more about whom we are going on a date with. Going to the nearest shopping mall is also a common dating activity here, since it offers several sorts of entertainment.
    I'm now happily married, and I must say that it was really hard to find my "Mrs. right" -- someone I could rely on and also mature enough to accept life as it is.


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