Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Ideal ESL Teacher

Let's face it: not all language teachers are the same, and we could probably identify a number of characteristics that make a great ESL teacher. Of course, we don't want to pass over a student's need to work hard, but teachers have a great impact on how students learn. For me, the ideal teacher is one who not only knows the subject well, but can present it in a way that targets my own learning style. I'm a very visual learner, so I like teachers who use pictures, video, and presentations to help me grasp the content.

What about you? What is your image of the ideal teacher? Share your ideas.



  1. The Ideal ESL Teacher
    In my opinion a good teacher is one who is available at any time to the students. He or she has to be not only a person who knows the subject well, but can present it in a way that students can learn the best.

  2. Hi
    I am from Iran.thanks for another great web site.please put text of listening part & more grammer point.thanks again.

  3. Hi..!!
    I agree with you, a good ESL teacher is the one who takes his/her time to make students learn what he is trying to teach, in that order he/she will use all the resources to make it happen. One of the objectives of all teachers should be that in the end the student can be better than him/her.

  4. Hi!
    I also think that a good ESL teacher uses all the resourses available to make his/her students learn what he/she wants to teach. And I believe he/she will be highly successful.

  5. I believe nobody's the same. Teachers may apply the same teaching techniques, but every teacher has his/her own peculiar way(s) of doing so.
    One of the characteristics that I think makes a good teacher is their ability to listen to their students in order to find out how they learn best, how they relate to the content of the lessons and what their feelings towards the target language are.


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