Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vocabulary Note Cards

Learning new vocabulary is key to improving communication; however, coming up with an effective method to learn new words is a different story. Thus, instead of jotting (or writing quickly) every word you see, first decide whether the word is something you would use over and over again. Next, write the word in a notebook or on a small card with an easy definition AND a sample sentence or two. Without a sample sentence, you will have no way of knowing how to use it. So, what ideas do you have for learning new words and then using them in your conversation?



  1. Randall can you imagine how important is to know much vocabulary right? I use to read books, and always try to look for the word I don't grasp! I am really obssessed, I my goal is to become an expert in English, tha's the reason of why I spend lots of time studying English, The only thing I wanted to tell poeple is to NEVER give up, 'cause sometiems it's getting bored, but it's worth keepin'on it.

  2. I also agree that learning new vocabulary is key to improving communication. Learners tend to use too many words to talk about an event or to describe something. I believe that the more knowledge of vocabulary items they have, the more precisely they'll express themselves. I don't think there's only one effective method to learn vocabulary, but writing down the words you come across and that you think will probably be useful for you in the future is an excellent way of retrieving and storing vocabulary.
    I, myself, have a list of words (phrases, and short sentences) which I think might be useful for me, and they're all listed under categories such as "at workplace", "meeting someone for the first time", just to name a few.


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