Monday, July 9, 2007

Keys to Learning Languages

What are the keys to learning a language? Listen and share your ideas.


  1. Personally, I think that having great teachers affects how well students learn. If a teacher is good, then the student might become more motivated to learn.

  2. well.. good teachers could mogtivate studnets to study.. but i personally think students have to have strong motive/goal to acheive through english study..
    i teach one elementary ESL class... i have some eager students and some not.... it's been a month weve studied together, their progress have been bigger and bigger...

  3. The learning process goes both ways, but ultimately, it is the student's responsiblity make the effort. A good teacher focuses more on excercises and instruction that facilitate th processes required to learn and acquire a language than the student's sense of entertainment value.

    Students, particularly those who consider themselve to be adults, need to take responsibility for their on actions--or lack of. Any good teacher help a truly struggling student but not necesarily those students who are simply shifting the blame. A wise teacher knows the difference.

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  5. I would think to practice the language as much as possible is the best and fastest way to acquire a second language. The more you practice, the more fluent and natural it will be. Don't feel shy to speak out and don;t afraid of making mistake. It's not stupid in making mistake.In fact, you can learn more and correct your mistake in future. This is the process of learning a second language.

  6. A good teacher could make students feel motivated, but it is the student's decision to learn the things he/she wants.


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