Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Ideal English Class

Listen and share your ideas on the topic.


  1. I like estudying English in small gruop, because I can heard their opinion, experience and I thinking is good study with people real like to improve their English. But I thinking that the gruop have to do some activities at the classroom such: read, listen, write and speak, for the lesson of the day can be understood and productive, and the teacher can answer any questions has the gruop.

  2. i like to study in small classes. because, when i study in small classes i feel mre comfortable, i can discuss and share my opinion with others freely. in the other hand, in large classes, i feel more lazier, and want to out earlier. but, in quantitive class such as statistics class or mathematics class, i prefer to studying in private class in order to be more experience.

  3. I prefare studying in small groups, becausein big groups I might not be able to get all the attention that I need, on the other hand, in private classes one might feel bored easily, the existence of other learners can act as a motivation and can make the class more fun.


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