Saturday, July 21, 2007

Body Language: How important is it?

Listen and write your comments about what you hear.


  1. Hi Randall and everyone!
    First, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm from Vietnam. I've just learnt English for a year and half. So my English is not good, esp. my listening skill. But I always try my best to improve it. Casually, I visit Randall's website. And I really like it. I think it's very useful for me and for those who want to improve their English skill. Thank Randall very much.
    Next, I want to share my idea about this topic. In my opinion, body language is very important. You know, English is the most popular language all over the world, but Chinese is the language that is used most in Asia. Therefore, the tourists who travel to Asian countries often have difficulty to contact with the local people. The way they can use to speak to local people is body language and vice-versa.
    Finally, I want to emphysize that body language is very important, esp. in the culture. For instance, in most of cultures, if the people shake their head, it means that they disagree something. In contrast, in the other cultures, the people shake their head when they agree with you. So you should be careful when contacting with them. You must research the culture of a country where you travel thoroughly. How about your idea?

  2. Hi, Everyone!
    Well, I believe that body language is very important to reinforce verbal language. For a non-native, it can be the diference between understanding or not the meaning of what is being said.
    Fortunately for English students, there are a lot of movies in English to watch and learn how the gestures are normally used, mainly in United States.


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