Saturday, July 28, 2007

Showing Affection: Words aren't the only way

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  1. Hi Ranall. I think that the people express love for somebody with present or they are antention with the person love it.
    Por example: When I love somebody, i am affectionate, and I like to do attentions to him with details, with.

  2. Showing affection is one of the most important things that we can do. Of course, words are great but understand the other person is a way to be full of love and respect. I think if you are a confident person, you won t have problems with your friends or the people who share our life.

  3. hi Randall, I think there are many ways that a person can express his affection and thic depends much on his native culture. For example. in my country Vietnam, people often show their love by giving small or lovely gifts on special occasions or by taking care of each other. They rarely kiss or hold in public, even though in front of family members.That's because of the traditional culture.

  4. Yes, there are many ways to show how you love someone. I like hug and kiss my lover and make a card to express how I love.
    Anyway can make your lover happy,will be good way.


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