Monday, July 30, 2007

Childbirth: What is the man's role?

Having children is a wonderful, yet often nerve-racking, experience for the man and the woman; however, the man's role in the birthing process can vary from culture to culture. When I had my first daughter years ago, it was the expectation that I would go into the operating room, hold my wife's hand, and give your comfort and encouragement as she was having the baby. Furthermore, the doctors asked me to help clean and wrap the baby in warm blankets immediately after she was born However, when we had our other children in Japan several years later, I was asked to wait outside until the baby was born. In other words, the father had less of a role in the birthing process, particularly when the woman underwent a cesarean section (an operation by creating an incision to remove the baby). So, what about in your cultures? What is the man's role when a woman gives birth? Is he present in the same room? Does he help the doctors in any way? Share your ideas.

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  1. Hi, Randall.
    What I can see about this is that there are many men whom likes to see them selves as a good father. Fact is that, in west countries, the average of fahters who asisted to the childbirth is low in compare with the average result for the question "Do you want to be a good father?". Maybe I'm allways founding some kind of dark side of things, but people are too posh to see their own lies.
    To be a good father wherever you live, is not just to talk about that. Just do something about it.


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