Friday, July 6, 2007

Learning new vocabulary

Learning new vocabulary requires than memorizing random lists of words. Instead, students might try to focus on vocabulary related to a specific topic like food, furniture, clothing, or animals. Also, focus on high-frequency words, in other words, vocabulary that you would use on a regular basis.


  1. Students need to learn vocabulary they can use in everyday conversation. Too often, they learn one-million-dollar words that they would only see in chemistry textbooks; how useful is that?

  2. I think that for lesrning a new vocabulary instead of memorizing a list of words, first the studentmust understand it.


  3. Yes, I fully agree that memorizing random lists of words might not be an effective way of learning new vocabulary. Instead, a learner should focus on vocabulary items or phrases which are commonly used in specific communicative events. Thus, s/he will get used to the high-frequency words and phrases in some given contexts...

  4. In my opinion, the most effective learning of new vocabulary is when exercising the use of the new words included in a real passage, for instance in a short conversataion. By using this method, contrary to the monotonous way of memorizing the synonyms of new words randomically, one can easily remember the meaning of the new-learnt word as cross related to the real context. That wil cause he/she never forget it.

    G. Doria

  5. Learning vocabulary is not an easy task and students have two ways for acquiring good skills in this essential language tool. The first method is to memorize the meaning of words randomically. The other way is to learn the use of new words included in a topic or conversation, for instance.

    In my opinion, enhancing vocabulary can be effectively achieved by real exposure of the students practicing the understanding of new words inserted in a major context. This method can motivate the student to remember the meaning of the word forever. It opposes to the monotonous memorization of words and meanings that students tend to forget rapidilly, or at least, to confuse words and meanings as long as not well associated their the practical correspondence.


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