Friday, July 27, 2007

Animal Sounds: Are they the same?

Listen and share your ideas on the topic.


  1. Hi Randall,
    Yes there are some specific sounds for some animals in each country, for example, in many Latinoamerican countries as Colombia, some animal sounds become as follow:
    The dogs barking is known as a GUAU GUAU.
    The cats sound is known as MIAU MIAU.
    The cows sounds is MUUU MUUU.
    The porky sounds is OI OI.
    The little chiken sound is PIO PIO.
    And some wolfs sounds as AUUUUUUU.
    That's all for now bye!
    Juan Carlos R.

  2. Dear.Randall
    the animal sounds were sometimes same, sometimes different.
    For example, in south korea
    the dogs barking is known as a meng meng.
    the cats sound is known as a miau miau
    the cows sound is known as a muu muu.
    That's my comment for your topic.
    see ya!
    in South korea.

  3. yes i do agree there are some specific sounds made by animals in some languages which at times become the identity of an animal.For instance in Urdu which is most commonly speaking language in some of the Asian countries says that a donkey sounds like dhainchoon dhainchoon,dog sounds like bhaoo bhaoo a rat sounds like cheen cheen and a crow sounds like qain qain .These sounds although are different from any other country but the most different for any outsider entring in Asia is I believe the sound of donkey which nodoubt sounds little wierd.

  4. In Egypt, turkey sounds "Koko kokoooo"
    dog sounds "haw haw"

  5. Hi Randal, I'm from Indonesia
    well, there's little differences of animal sounds in here...
    the dog barking is known as GUG GUG GUG
    the cats sounds is known as MEONG MEONG MEONG
    the cows sounds is known as MOO MOO MOO
    then the ducks sound is known as KWEK KWEK KWEK


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