Friday, May 12, 2017

Part-Time Jobs

Summer is almost here, and it certainly a time when some youth go out and get part-time jobs. As our kids were growing up, they often got jobs in different places in our community. Watch this video to find out more. What kind of jobs do you (or did you) have to earn money? Share your ideas.


  1. In Russia is very difficult to find a job if you younger then 16 years. Maybe you can go to work as promoter or carwasher, but its hard to find even such work. The best part-time job for young people still stays helping parents. Just because they will always find a work for you

  2. i used to work at coffee shop, my job is security at there. i have to work about 18 hours a day and i didn't like this job, because i spend many time for it and salary is very low, so after 1 month i quit.

  3. i just came USA 2 month. So while i am waiting to come back school. i found the part-time job. I got it. It's wash car.Today, the first day i was worked over there. It is a busy day. So many people brought their car to wash.

  4. In this time many students work for fast food restaurants: coffee, pizza, burgers and so on. Pupils usually help their relatives and in that way make little money. Also, some young people become volunteers and help other people in different sutuations.

  5. it's good thing to work when you was young to help your parents and help yourself to gain money for your living expenses but i recommended anyone to no wasting time in jobs it has short objectives beside your work you can learn new things like languages ,computer , business and so on to enhance your career and improve your life .

  6. I haven't got a part time job, but I am really hoping that I will get one soon because it helps me with skills for the future.


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