Monday, May 29, 2017

Practicing English in Your Own Country

Many student have limited opportunities to use and practice English in their own countries, and therefore, feel they have no options to learn the language. However, besides taking language classes, students can still find ways to expand their learning. One option is to set up an English club at your school where you and your friends practice the language in a small group, perhaps by organizing a small play or drama. You can also watch a movie together and then discuss the plot in English. Now, share your ideas on how students can practice English in their countries.



  1. Organising group to make practice in native country seems workable, but when you put the effort no one is out there who said we are in order previously. For the people having trouble in speaking or something else should try to attend private courses i think like this...

  2. Learners of Enlish here in Brazil have limited opportunities to use and practice English due to the fact that English is not a second language here and, besides, it's mostly used in business affairs.
    However, those who do not work in this field have found on the Internet many resources to help them use and practice their English. I think the Internet has provided our students with numerous tools to help them boost their knowledge of the language. Today, they can go to English video chat rooms, become members of English learning forums, go to specialized webpages such as Randall's ESL blog -- just to name a few. Thank goodness for the Internet. The world now has become smaller. :-)


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