Monday, May 1, 2017

Unique Sports/Activities to your Area

Are there any unique national sports or activities to your country or area that visitors would find interesting? As for Utah where I live, hiking is very popular, and you can see one of my experiences near my house here: . Now, share your country and its activities with us.



  1. Well, I think sand-surfing is a unique activity which can be found and done in the northeastern part of the country (Brazil). In states such as CearĂ¡, you'll find lots of sand dunes that are perfect for this kind of sport. Children as well as adults love to go down a sand dune on a wooden or plastic board that resembles a surfboard.
    Here's a link to a youtube video that shows you what it is like to go down a sand dune.

  2. In our area, there is an unique activity called Rapping competition. It is between about two people singing rap music and then the small audience decided who wins the game.This is not only excited but also really interesting to watch and vote.


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