Monday, May 8, 2017

Marriage Preparation

For me and my wife, marriage has been a central and wonderful part of our lives, but all too often, people simply plan for the wedding and honeymoon and don't realize the work it takes to build a life together. I mean, marriage isn't like fishing: you make a big catch and then you sit on the bank of life with little care and effort. In my newest listening activity, I plan the role of a man who absolutely has no idea about marriage and doesn't seem to listen to his sister's advice. Give it a try:


  1. I've been married for 13 years and I met my husband through internet. I am from Brazil and he is from Mexico. After 3 months chatting we decided to get to know each other in person. So I came to Mexico to visit him and 22 day after arriving here I got married! Sound weird maybe, but since the day we met in the airport we felt we were made for each other. Everything happened so fast and now we have two kids tha we love the most. I won't say that life is easy all the time because it isn't, but showing love and respect for each other helps us to go through hard times.

  2. I have been married for 22 months. My husband an I meta at church. It has been a great journey we have learned so much about each other an how to manage problems. I always remember an advice I was given, it said that marriage and falling in love is a decision and every day we decide to love our partner in life. this has helped me a lot in times of troubles because I choose to love my husband over the problems.


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