Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Remember the Dead: What customs are common in your culture?

Death is just a part of life, but it can be a very sad occasion when a family member or friend dies. When someone dies, each family and culture has its own way of preparing for a funeral and remember the person, and knowing these customs can help people pay their respects to the family.

In your culture, what specific customs are they at the time a person dies? Do people have a special gathering to remember the deceased? What exactly takes place?

Please share your ideas.



  1. Hi Dears!

    I am Naila from Pakistan. Its true that each culture have their own methods of funeral. As i am muslim, after the death we burried the dead body in graveyard. Before burried we make white suit which called "CUFFAN" and wear them. Then make a whole in graveyard and burried the dead body.
    First three days relatives, nabours will prepare meals for the affected family.

  2. Hi Friends,

    I am olive from China. You know our country has many different folks (56) so there are many customs for a funeral, I'm the Han nationality, large of us, have same custom. someone dies, each family or company will build a simply "LING TANG", put dead photo on wall or table, then relations and friends come here to remember the deceased, it will keep seven days, at seventh day, the dead is cremated, before the dead is burried in graveyard but now couldn't do it as the lands. the clothes of the dead usuall are black, but it is depended of the dead's ages, some red or white. In the country, Funeral will be ceremonious, accompany with muscil and having many people loudly crying.

  3. It is indeed a very sad occasion when a beloved family member or close friend passes away. Funerals are usually very sad events in Brazil. Widowers and widows generally dress in black to pay respect to the deceased ones, and family members do try to comfort and support those in great pain.
    However,I just don't like the idea of attending a wake. I think it's kind of morbid to be sitting in front of a dead body cherishing the memory of his/her days on Earth.

  4. Hi guys,
    I am Omkar from India. I agree that each culture has its way to come across this crisis in any family which takes place unfortunately. Look, in our culture as I am a Hindu we follow the traditional methods to give fire to the body. So, when the body is cremated people follow to take bath after they come from the funeral place. And about the lunch and dinner? See people around us who are our neighbors provide food to the family for that particular day. And its a fact here in our culture. It is different thing that most of the people are not following it because they get disbursed from their living areas to some dominantly concentrated areas.

  5. hey guys
    i m sawsan from egypt ,
    ofcourse death is avery sad occassion ,but we think of it as achance for rest n permanent pleasure in paradise GOD will .
    about our customs ,we dress the dead individual in white n bury the body then make prayer of merci n happiness for him ,relatives n wife of the dead wear in black for 3 days .also from time to another the family go to the graveyard to visit thier beloved person n remember his good deeds n also to think of death deeply which encourage them to continue thier good deeds .also they may give charity for th sake of thier beloved member .

  6. In korea, it is diffend by what religion people have because korea have lot of different custom.
    but most common in korea if someone passed away first we called every friend and family and neighborhood then say good things to dead body a like "I wish you go to haven" after we finished burried dead body.

  7. hi! i'm from Viet Nam, i'd like share how we memorise the dead who is members in our family.What is similar to other coustoms is that we also visit ceremony on certain days of the year like the first day of lunar new year. What we usually do on that day is to burn incence to the dead, to clean the grave and to give some food and flowers to the dead.
    Especially, we celebrate the day a person who died by holding "giô" at home.Descendants cook some food and put them on altar for the dead.on such occasion, descendants gather and eat cooked food,too.

  8. Hi All,

    I am from India(Andhra pradesh). Its true that each culture have its own methods and values. iam a Hindu, after the death we inform to every relative and we will arrange the lamp and place the body, exactly the lamp will be on top of the head. We tie the thums of two legs and hands.we place the cotton in noce. we put the rice under the head and while taking the body to gravyard clean the body with water, KUNKUM and TURMARIC, cover the body with white cloth.If elder persons passed away and if he is have son , his son is taking part in every acitvity. we wait for relatives if they come , whom we informed then we burried the body.we come back from that placce and take bath. we go to see the lamp wich we placed near the body. Relatives go their homes and clean the entire home and cook food.Till 3 days effected family wont cook any thing neibhours nad relatives help them. On third day effected family cooks varieties which passed away person likes. Then we take all the varieties to the gravyard and place near burried area . And we will wait for a COW or Crow, any one of these comes and eat food.we will come back otherwise we will wait for them. if these kind of situation ite very mebrasing when we missed our beloved one.

  9. Hey, guys, I'm Tien from Vietnam. In every diffrent culture, the funeral is celebrated in particular way. I'm the Catholic; so the ceremony is taken place very special. First of all, we keep the dead in 3 days for those who want to commemorate the dead and the affected family can express their respect to the deceased member. After that, we have the formal ceremony in the church to see off the beloved member and also pray for him/her.Finally, we will take the dead to the last resting place and bury him/her.That's the saddest moment in our life, we have to say goodbye to the beloved member.In funeral, too many people crying loudly.

  10. One of my favorate culture customs in my country (Iran) is the the day before the new year! Its called charshanbe soory, its really fun because everybody get out of their house and make fires and usually jump over it! But sometimes its dangerous not alot of people can jump over the fire altho it doesnt kill you its just you never know!


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