Saturday, May 6, 2017

The World's Future: What lies ahead?

The world is constantly changing, and this will undoubtedly be true throughout this century and beyond. However, if you could see into the future in the year 2110, what do you think the world would be like for any one of these topics?
  • the environment
  • the world economy
  • transportation systems
  • poverty and/or disease
  • war and peace
  • new technological advances
  • contact with aliens from another world
  • population growth
  • space exploration
Share your ideas on one or more of these topics.



  1. I think nobody can look into the futute but I presume that the most things will change is new technological advances. I thinkt many people will be lazy becauso of the new technologhy. Even nowadays there are a lot of people are lazy because of cars, bikes, subway and planes
    I assume there will be flying cars

  2. I don't know but i think that nothing will change unfortunately. I am too pessimist.

  3. I think things would change a lot through so many years. Maybe the environment will change the most.Like nowdays, the weather change so much.Some countries were snowing when they were in their summer,and tornados were increasing.I think the weather is crazy because of the global warming.And I can't imagine that how our environment will be in the future like this.

  4. Current environment give us an idea about what will be our future, just looking at technological advances I can imagine devices more little and tools that works with telekinesis.

  5. I'm really worried about our earth!
    What can we do now?
    And what I'm worried most is though some people concern the important issue,most of people still think as this is NOT their business.
    Oh,please.Wake up,and help the earth!

  6. Now a days people became too busy with their works, latest trend peoples work culture had become like that, due to this people are not taking care on global warming. in future temperature will rise rapidly, we face very difficult to get drinkig water, maintaining forests will become very difficult, so trees wont be there, terrorists will be more. But technology will become tremondous change.

  7. I'm quite anxious if I had to comment on a topic that all I can say is Be careful and do whatever you have on hand.

  8. I think that all these topics are the future of the human race. If we take into these topics with awareness and true, We will find a whole solution for our problems. However, I think that we must focus in one topic in particular, the enviroment. If we don't take care our planet, we won't haven't future and we won't see the earth to flourish.


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