Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Personal Introductions: Tell Us About Yourself

My greatest pleasure in life is spending time with my family. My wife and I have four children, and we have been married for more than 20 years. We currently live in Utah, USA, and we enjoy running/walking together, talking about life, and making each other happy. Life isn't always easy, but it is a a lot easier when you are working together to make things happen.

So, introduce yourself and tell us one thing that is unique or interesting about you.


(The picture here was taken more than 20 years after we were married at the Manti Temple in Utah, as seen here.)


huynhsang1990 said...

I come from a family of five people. I am studying at Rmit University. Everyday with me is the same, nothing is change, just spend time for study. Sometimes I get bored, but I think about the future. Maybe when I land a good job with high salary, my life will be better, having more time to relax, travel and even have a boyfriend. I don't know how to balance my life.

liupei said...

I am a gradute student majoring in Biology. I work everyday under huge stress. Sometimes I can not see the future. My daylife is boring. I hope I could get a good job.

Anonymous said...

I'm Terry.I am from China.Well,I like to write essays.

Anonymous said...

I am from Korea and married to Amreican. I have been married for about 4 years now. My greatest challenge in life is trying to adjust in US. I only have been here in US for about a year so still have a lot of troubles including communication in English.
There are ups and downs in my life now but I am sure I will have a happy life with my husband.

Anonymous said...

When I have students introduce themselves at the beginning of the semester, I ask them to tell 3 things but one must be untrue. This is good for intermediate level students.

Anonymous said...

hello i am tasnim.bangladesh is my back home.i came from a family of 8.as a big family i always prefer crowd,spending times with family and friends is very enjoyable for me.whenever i find time i go outside,specially sea side.fresh air and nature makes me nostaljic.as i am a doctor my life is very busy.but i enjoy it.

Egyptiano87 said...

Hey M.r.Randall how u doing

i really wanna show my great gratitude for ur the efforts u've been done on this website which i really benefited me :)

my name is "Moemen" its arabic name

means believer , im from egypt

22 years old , Muslim and proud

i work as a bank accountant

i really respect u alot i think

u r a great man

i hope we become friends someday


patty said...

Hi, my name is patty. I'm a student, I came from Peru, I've been here in US for more than 2 years. I really like meeting new people.
I think people can balance their life if they want to. Everyday I try to do my best.

Manoel said...

Hello, I'm brazilian, and I live in NiterĂ³i in Brazil.
I have two daughters, a dog and a cat.
I work in Rio de Janeiro, that is near from NiterĂ³i.
I wake up at five o'clock every day and I start to work at nine o'clock.
I like music,dancing and soccer, of course.

Cherry said...

Hello everyone,

I'm from China, and now studying in Ireland. I really miss my parents and friends in China and hope I can return earlier this summer. I felt the life here is a little dull, no big shopping mall and few people on the road.

So I spend my spare time to improve my English and write something in Chinese.:P I do love writing although sometimes I'm a little lazy. Moreover, I love watching movie at the cinema, but sometimes I can't understand it. Even though, I see this as a motivation to learn English:)

I'm always looking forward to a better life when I graduated from university. So, the things I must to do now is to study hard, and get more experience.

Best wishes,

Liliana said...

I enjoy spend time with my boyfriend. Even though we are so busy we try to set up time to share. We enjoy for example go to a movie, go out to eat, visit some new places, etc. Some times, if we don’t have much money to spend, we only go out for a walk, enjoy the fresh air and talk about our day.

parisa said...

hi friends im parisa
icome from iran. im 23 years old.i involve studying english besides experiencing new way to land a good job in my major.and as you refer have a good life with many intresting events is difficult and i think the key of living the best way we can is knowing our personality and i think it works and gradually the drabness will removed forever.

Paulo said...

I'm from Brazil and love speaking Inglish.
I still learn and practicing but there's no one to talk to.
the ESL site is helpping me to improve a lot.
Congratulations Randall you are doing a wonderful job.
P.S If someone wants to also help me, be my guest.
My msn: paulo.abreu2005@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi my name's Adam and I'm from Poland. This schoolyear I'm sitting a matura exam, from English among other things. I like to skate on roller-skates, train in a gym and play the piano.

I find your site really helpful, you're a cool guy!

frazalez said...

Hi Randall, Is a very good pleasure to Know About You,and your Blog .I'm Frank ,I'm 60 and I live in Bogota Colombia, South America. I have a lot of years trying to go over my scare to speak English, despite, many attemps i'm thinking that i'm not a good speaker even on my native language - Spanish-. So i feel frustrated because when i try to talk to someone, I really don't know what to say!
I have developed a basic model that include topics like : Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why, as an order sentence to express myself, but I feel it is not enough. besides, a few days ago I read on a Grammar Textbook, that the spoken English contains sentences types not usually found in writing. So I'm very confused about it.
Would you please, give us some directions and some snapshots about it?
Thanks a Lot!
Ups! my web adress: frazalez@gmail.com.

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