Monday, May 8, 2017

Barbecue Party

Everyone likes good food and equally good company, and having a barbecue is one way to do this. Here is my newest listening activity on the topic. Enjoy:

So, what do you do personally if you organize a barbecue? Where do you have it? What kinds of foods do you prepare and eat? What activities do you do? Please share your ideas.


  1. Normaly I don't organize a barbecue but my parents organize. The barbecues happen in my house. My mother cooks potatoes and rice and my father cooks the meat. After the meal we play many games.

  2. yeah,your family same like my parents. But before I go to capital to study in universty, after dinner,we usually watched TV together, but now, after 1 year we always use smart phone and we don't talk much anymore.And I don't like it.

    1. it's the problem of the current society. Barbecues are made live friendly moments with your family and now enjoy less with your loved ones . It's a big problem because life is very short.

  3. About every another weeks, my family and my colleagues' family have a barbecue at the apartment pool. Because there are grills, tables, and chairs for residents. In addition, the pool is the best place to play for our children. we go to commissary to buy meat. Especially, we prefer to pork to beef because pork belly is the most famous food in Korea, so we enjoy it in the states. And we prepare beers, fruits, charcoals and soju. we enjoy chitchat each other.

  4. I like barbecues a lot! If I am organizing a barbecue, I like to please all people that will be in this event.Firstly, I check the list of aliments that people can eat or no, If there will vegetarians, etc.Then, I like to choose an open place, a backyard or a park for example, because the atmosphere of these places is the best possible to have a barbecue.When I choose the place and the type of food that I will offer in my barbecue, I choose the musics that I will play in my barbecue, but these musics are not musics that I like, they are musics that all people like(obviously that will be musics that some people can like and others cannot like).
    So, If everything that I list it's ok, I invite everybody to my barbecue and tell them to enjoy this day a lot.

  5. This is hard because in Vietnam, we never a barbecue before,, but if that happens, I will plan it in our garden. Also,the barbecue will include meat, hamburgers,sausages and vegetables. After eating, we will go watch TV and play games together, that's it.


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