Tuesday, March 14, 2017

World Cup Soccer

Soccer (or football in most of the world) is extremely popular around the world. Which country do you think has the best team at the moment? Why do you think that country can field such a strong team? Share you thoughts.

Here's a lesson from my site that deals with World Cup Soccer and can help students with their listening, speaking, and vocabulary skills:

- http://esl-lab.com/worldcupsoccer/worldcupsoccerrd1.htm



  1. I think the German team will probably win the champain. But I perfer to support the Holland team.

  2. i can found all the seasons in my country,summer, spring. fall and winter.
    i never like summer because it to much warm, and if you do not drink enough water you will become dehydrated, and also the weather will be very bad and always spoiled and frustrated your programs.
    i personally like winter and fall seasons because the weather will very nice and there is no warm weather.
    i have many many types of activities enjoy to doing in the fall and winter seasons, but now i am going to mention some of these activities such as an example.
    in winter so i mostly go outside the city every night and sit on the whole porch under the sky to enjoy the evening cool breeze and the beautiful stars shining in the sky.
    in fall i like to play football with my friends when it raining and there is no sun at all.
    also i like running and hiking after the sky stop raining, so that let me more relax without stress and very happy.
    if you do not enjoy the beautiful and nice weather in the fall season, i am sure you do not find any season to have it, that is why i like fall season.

  3. I think Germany has the best team due to his play in the World Cup. I think Germany will win a lot of titles because of the young players which were inspirational.

  4. I think Spanish has a good team so it won the cup in the last match.

  5. I dont like the soccer or football... so I cant say anything about this. I believe always the winner is the best team

  6. soocer is a fun sport if people watch soccer or play it and playing soccer is fun and you can play with your friends and family and maybe make bets with your friend and say you cant make it at the middle and he says i will bet you 20 dollars if you make it and he says ok


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