Monday, March 6, 2017

Flowers: Which colors and types for the right occasion?

Buying flowers for different occasions is a common practice in many parts of the world, but figuring out the types of flowers (and their colors) can be a challenge. For example, you would never give a potted plant to someone in the hospital in Japan because the Japanese feel that the roots of the plant represent the deepening and serious nature of the illness. So, what types of flowers and colors would you give in these situations? Choose one or more and share your ideas:

  • a wedding
  • the death of a close friend
  • a birthday party
  • a school graduation
  • a farewell party
  • a friend is sick in the hospital


  1. Having a new house is a thing to celebrate, and flowers could be a best present for that. In Chinese culture, red represented fortune and luck, so the flowers for a new-house celebration should be in the red category, accompanying with yellow flowers as well. It’s a taboo to bring white flowers in the condition like that.
    Musiccat, Taiwan

  2. I haven't been to a wedding in ages, but I think white flowers are perfect for this occasion.
    White flowers are also given to express condolences.
    Now, we don't usually give flowers to the birthday person ... It's not a custom here in Brazil.
    Farewell parties and school graduation are generally not decorated with flowers either.
    We also don't have the habit of giving flowers to someone who's sick in hospital. We give them something to keep them entertained instead, such as a book, or a crossword magazine.


  4. Hi!
    In Mexico people say that if you give red flowers like roses this meaning love. If you give white flowers this meaning that you respect the person. Also if you give specific white flowers this meaning condolences. So when you decide to give a flower in Mexico, you need to think the color and the style of the flower.

  5. My younger sister got married last year. I helped her to arrange her wedding ceremony including choosing her wedding gown and flowers. My sister and I chose dozens of white roses and some baby pink roses for a bride's bouquet. The bouquet was laced with green leaves. They perfectly matched her wedding gown.

  6. I got married in April.
    On that day, I wore a dress and had a bouquet of red roses.
    Red color means passion; rose represnets love in my country.

  7. Hi, My name is Aman Many different kinds of flowers are avilable everywhere.Different colors of flowers has different meaning,for example
    Red roses means love, white flowers means peace or respect the people, yellow roses means you like someone, And baby pink rose for bride's bouquet. so we like roses and express our feeling with roses.

  8. I'll fetch a nice big bouquet of red flowers with some greenery for my sister on her wedding.however for funerals white lilies are the best option.Mover over yellow and white roses are the once which gives flash backs of celebrations and happy occasions.hence a bouquet with appropriate flowers are always a perfect gift on typical occasions.

  9. The contents below is which fllowers I would give in these situations.

    *Your sister is getting married.
    Red roses.

    *A close friend passed away.
    White chrysanthemum flowers.

    *Your father is in the hospital.
    Red carnations.

    *A friend is graduating from college.
    Yellow jessamines.

    *A neighbor just had a baby.
    Pink/white tulips.

  10. well, if my father is in the hospital, I will give him white roses, because are beautiful and the color is relaxing, and if he is sick he needs relax so that flower is perfect and is beautiful, and obviously I will give him a beauty card with a big ballon!

  11. On that day, I wore a dress and had a bouquet of red roses.
    Red color means passion; rose represenets love in my country.

  12. all suggestions you pointed out Randall are interfered with my society, adapt from the flowers given to a patient in a hospital. this is the appropriate situation to give roses. But be careful, if you give flowers to an dead person's parents or friends at a funeral, you might find your self in a hot water because they will shatter you teeth .. lough out loud .

  13. There are a lot of kinds and colors of flowers to choose and it could be hard to decide in what occasion each type of flower would be better.

    For instance, I can state that roses are the kind of flowers which are useful in dates related to love and relationships. So, if you will meet a girlfriend or a person that you intend to date red roses are the kind of flowers that everyone will certain like.

    In addition, tulips are the kind of flower that go well with any situation. For this reason, if you do not know what kind of flower buy there will be good choose tulips.

    To ilustrate, I am not a kind of person who recieve or give flowers many times in a year, but when I have to buy one I always talk with the person who sale this and ask for some advice to choose the appropriate flower.

    To sum up, choose the right color and type of flower could be a hard thing to do, but if the person who will earn this is a gentle person he/she will like independently of the characteristics of the flower.

  14. In Europe, roses are mainly given at funerals. Apart from that, I do not think that different flowers are given for different occasions. Because it just makes one happy to be given flowers on such occasions as a birthday party, a school graduation, a farewell party, and when a friend is sick in hospital.

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  16. I prefer A Death of Close Friend topic. I would choose Jasmine, symbol of chastity and fidelity.

  17. It's very romantic when a man gives his wife flowers even to apologize for forgetting the anniversary.
    I wish my husband would give me flowers when we are angry, it is now very rare to find a man with that kind of detail, and I personally love that men are retailers.

  18. The expression "to space their day" = forget an important day, i.e. wedding anniversary..from the audio dialogue
    (Flower shop - comprehension question N° 4), is unknown to me. Is this recent US slang? I'm an US expat living in France.

    Thanks for your clarifications.

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  26. Well, I would give red roses for my friend's birthday party because red roses are always lucky to me, so I would guess that this will help him to become happier and more lucky in life.

  27. In Poland, a young couples don't want to get flowers from around 100 guests because it is very unusefull and inconviniet to hide and keep anywhere. Instead of buquites they prefer bottle of wine. In Poland is also popular to give flowers for name day or mother day. Of course the roses are the most popular but I think I would like to getting different kind of flowers like freesia or peonies in powder pink and creamy hue. I also pretty like potted plants like bamboo.


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