Friday, March 10, 2017

Traditional Sweets from Around the World

Although people might assume that making and eating cookies is a universal custom around the world, the reality is that many people prepare and enjoy a wide variety of sweets with unique ingredients. Therefore, if you invited me into your home for dinner and wanted to offer me a traditional sweet from your country, what would it be and what ingredients are used to prepare it? Share your culture with us!



  1. Nice conversation and the speakers let me understood the conversation wery well ..

    Thank You ..

  2. I likes cookies because it has a sweet teste .It prepare easy.

  3. Well, I do not specialise in food and the language describing the sweets that we consume in my homeland might be quite problematic and technical to translate into English. Let's say that if if I invited you for dinner, I would have given you a slice of what we call 'The King's Cake' ('Bolo reio' in Portuguese). I don't know if my translation into English is correct but anyway, 'bolo' in Portuguese means 'cake' in English, and 'reio' means 'king'. It's a cake containing bits of dried fruits and bits of sugar. It's delicious but make sure you take care of your teeth if you do not want to have tooth decay or tooth cavity.

  4. Hello. In my city is commom and tasteful dessert, called Milk Chesse. The ingredients are 1 litter of milk, 12 eggs, sugar ( i´m not sure how much) and some raisins. First , you must put milk ,eggs and sugar in a mixer, and mix then. This is baked about 1 hour. You must wait until it ´s cool, and then put it in the refrigerator.

  5. chocolate chip cookies is one of my favorite cookies, there are variety cookies in my homland, one kind of the cookie is called "taosu", tast is not very sweet, but it is really delicious. I don't know how much each ingredients should be, probably ingredients are eggs, sugger, milk, flour, corn oil. mix them into a mix bowel, there are sunflower seeds or almonds or sasame on the top of every cookies, you can put anything that you like, than bake them in oven at 375 degree about 45 minutes .


  6. Hi Everybod!
    I was just searching about brazilien sweet and I found that Brigadeiro is a tipycall Brazilian sweet. I didn't know about it, althout I am Brazilian. Wow!! Brigadeiro is delicius and to bake this you need: 1 can sweetend condensed milk, 1 tablespoon butter, 4 tablespoon cocoa, chocolatte sprinkles and paper cups. :)

  7. Hello.
    I love chocolat chips cookies, and I enjoyed a lot listening to the conversation, I could understand everything.
    Well, I am from Portugal (West Europe)and here we have one dessert/pastry that we love so much, it's the Custard Tart (Pastel de Nata) and it's a Portuguese egg tart pastry. To bake this pastry you got to have these ingredients; cream, sugar, gems, flour, pastry and eggs.

  8. Hi everybody.
    I come from Viet Nam.In my country,Trung cake is the most farmous. When I was young, My grandfather and I always caked them for Tet holiday. So To day, I should tell you how Trung cake bake. The ingredients are follow for 10 pieces Trung cakes
    01 kg of rice
    0,2kg of bean
    0,4 kg of pork meat
    pich of salt, pepper
    50 leaves of banana ( in my country, we use Rong leaves but maybe your countries have not, you can use leaves of banana instead)
    You have to put rice and bean on water during two hours. Then, you use some leaves of banana to cover rice, bean, pork meat. You make them square for one cake. When you finish, you don't forget to put them in boiling water about 12 hours.
    It is delicious. If you don't believe, you will try to do.
    Thank you!

  9. Hi everyone! I like the cookies ,I remembered when was in the University, I sold cookies
    Im learning english languaje its interesting to learn with common situations in our life

  10. As to Russia we have our own recipie of pastila and it makes from apples, sugar and special natural gelling stuff called "agar agar". It is very sweet and due to its healthy always recommended by nutricionists to somebody who want to lost waith and have to restrict sweets at all.

  11. HI guys,

    I am zero in cooking but I love to eat.



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