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Movie Rating Systems: Do they protect audiences?

In the United States, a movie rating system is used to inform people, particularly parents, on the content of movies so they can make informed decisions on what their children should watch. Such ratings are influenced by the movie's content including drugs, violence, and language. The ratings include G, PG, PG-13, R, and, NC-17. Personally, I think the ratings can give me a general idea on what might be appropriate for my kids, but each person's value system or tolerance for certain content can be influenced by personal background, religion, or family beliefs. In fact, there are some movies that are considered appropriate for teenagers that I find offensive, so the rating system might not be as useful.

So, what about in your countries? Are movies rated in any way to inform audiences of the content? If so, describe the system and then tell whether you think it is an effective method of protecting children from harmful material.



  1. Hi, my name is Robin and I live in Taiwan. When it comes to the movie rating system, we set the three categories for rating movies. One is for everyone, another requires parents to accompany, the other is for adults above 18. Generally, the system creates a standard based on what most of people (out of the 60,70,80 percent, maybe) would feel right about. However, the drawback could grab chances for some others to see movies they love. Censorship could block the communication between filmmakers and audience. Though some make it in the name of protecting people from mind-polluting materials, others think it's just the other way to make things under control.

  2. My name's Ivan, I' from Russia. In Russia there is no such system and if it exists it doesn't work. I'll be short - any system is better than nothing, of course if it works.

  3. I'm Bill.
    I'm from Taiwan.

    We have four rating
    1. general
    2. under 18 can't see
    3. under 12 can't see
    4. under 6 can't see

    Do they protect audiences? No.

    Movie Rating System is not very useful.
    People still can rent or buy PG-13 and NC-17
    movie DVD.

    Children still can
    watch drugs, violence, sex scene on movie DVD.

  4. Hi, my name is Gerrard and i live in south korea. In my opinion, it's ture that the rating systems protected us who not required age to see the movie that have violence and murder etc.
    because our countrys need to identification which requires to appropriate age and name to see movie.

  5. As I know, Korea has 3 grades rating system. "For everyone", "For over fifteen", "For over eighteen".

  6. Hi. my name is Kate. I am from Russia. In our country we have not got so hard the moving rating system as in England. But some directors of movies notice about violence in their movies. But it dose not work in our country, becouse children has access to internet and they can watch what they want.

  7. Hi,my name is Sandy,I'm from Taiwan,in my opinion, although the current movie rating system can't avoid children watching about drugs,sex,and violence,in a fact,internet is also too popular to prevent children from unallowable website,it still provide the standard to public,at least let we know what movie is appropriate for children.

  8. Hi ,my English name is George.In my country we don't have any problems about movies.Actually in my country televetion is under control of government,so everybody in each range of age can watch T.V,and about rating movie is the same.There is no categore for that.Of course everybody can rent every move illigaly or watch it by internet.In this case there isn't any control on it.

  9. In Japan, there is also the system which prohibits people from watching movies because of their age. However, I feel it is not working. Children can rent movies which they cannot rent them legal.Unfortunately, movies restricted by age tend to fascionate many children.So in my opinion, its up to each child's conscience.

  10. In Taiwan, there are four levels in the scale. Fist, General level; second, Kids under 6 can't watch and parents need to accompany kids aged 6-12; third, kids under 12 are prohibited and parents need to be side of chids aged 12-18; the last one level prohibits childs under 18 to watch.
    Generally speaking, I think the rating system still has its value. It provides general information for parents to make the decusion of whether it's a family movie or not. Although the Internet makes people download the movie easily without any prohibition, we still can't deny the value of movie rating systwm. I think we should develop another rating system in the Internet and also devide websites into different age level to protect our kids.

  11. Hello!My name is Irina and I'm from Russsia. As Ivan said in our country if there is such system, it doesn't work normally. Of course there is age limit (for example - to watch porno movies):
    for children and for adults (above 18).

  12. Hi, my name Duong and I live in Vietnam.In my country ,there isn't the movie rating system, but have a control board censors films that play in VN. Anyway, I think it's not useful to protect audiences because everybody of every age can buy unauthorized DVDs easily.

  13. Hi,my name is Linda and i am a chinese young girl.In china, there has strict movie system.china is a traditional country and goverment constitute a lot of rules to restrict the movie rating system.some kind of movie can be showed in cinema everyone, such as Horror, Comedies,Love,Foreign films.but if you want to watch x-film or the movie which only for adults above 18,you can to rent from personal owner or to purchase the DVD by yourself.

  14. Hi! My name is Marisol and I'm mexican! In the case of Mexico, we use A B C or D to denominate a movie.
    A is for all the family
    B is for teenagers and adults
    C is for adults
    D is for adults with a content of violence, sex and whatever strong content.
    I'm not sure if this way is good, because sometimes doesn't matter if the movie is B some parents permit that their children watch the movie, and sometimes this children dont have a good age.
    I think that is important that the parents check the content of the movies that their children watch because I consider that this way is massive and sometimes can help but also can affect.

  15. I really don't know what rating system in China though I'm a movies buff.the country film management department have very strictly control before every film coming on.So,in cinema,you just can watch the film which have been clipped a lot.about how to pick up some film for kits,my experiences is pick it up after yourself have been watched it in China.and I'm very enjoy it because I'm a film crazy man.

  16. Hi my name is Jin and I live in Japan. Well there are some ratings on each vedio cases but i dont really think it works.They are telling people content of the vedio by showing the certain age for the certain people like following:
    1.全年齢(which means for all ages)
    2.15歳以上(which means 15 years old above)
    3.18歳以上(which means 18 years old above)
    And there is a sigh before the door says 18 over means that you are not allowed to get in unless you are over 18. I think sometimes it is really vague and not responsible to just inform them of it indirectly but tell them directly. Because you will never know whether the kids has looked at the inappropriate potential viedo.

  17. Hi ... My name is abdussalam ... I'm from suadia arabia
    In my country we have Islamic protection system ... no sex scene,no Ironically religion(( Islam-Christians-Jewish))

  18. I agree that Movie rating systems are protect young men against the violence of influence. i am sure violence and sexual movies have bad effect on young men.

    lee eun won in korea

  19. I'm from Colombia. In my country there are a clasification depending the ages range.
    general (all ages)
    Under 12 years can't see
    plus 18 years can see

    It's a good systems. Sometimes it's difficult to enforce it, overall with teenagers near to eighteen years old.

  20. My name is Russell from Taiwan. There are three movie ratings in my country, and the movie rating system works well there. In my opinion, we do need a faultless movie rating systems to protect children, and even websites and TV programs need to be filtered by these kind of rating systems.

  21. I live in HK, and we have the movie ratings including I, II and III.
    I- for everyone
    II- for everyone but including harmful material
    III-for 18 or above

    this rating of course cannot make children avoiding the drugs, violence and sex materials. Although in cinemas you may dhow your identity cards but not very restricted. On the other hand, children can choose what they like without parental guidelines and check and overlook the the rating.
    Honestly, nowadays children can easily accese to the harmful material in internet.
    Therfore, the rating is just for reference. If government want to restrict children to watch movies involving the harmful material, then must enhance check system and manpower. But it work only in cinema and insignificance for children to touch these material in other chances.

  22. Movie rating systems can't protect audiences. These days, there are many illegal websites that spread lots of X-rated movies. Children have easy access to those movies.
    Therefore, in my opinion, censorship is a efficient way to protect audiences.

  23. Hello, nice to meet you. I'm June from China. In our country, movie rating is not existed. That is because we have a department to check movies that have been produced whether they can be published or not. So movies with too much violence or other bad things are forbidden.

  24. hi,my name is zainab,and I am from Iran.I am sure that rating system is useful for audience and protect them,but im my country,we dont have such a this system.Actually no body fallow the copy right.most of the pepole have writer,and write the getting the CDs is easy.

  25. adelino a duarteMay 6, 2009 at 4:40 AM

    I am Adelino, from Brasil. In my country the movies are rated by ages. I think it is very good for children and teenagers cause to prevent bad behavior ou not good exemples. We need to fight to send good messages especially to our children.

  26. hey,i didnt really had any idea about the rating movie system here in philippines ,so i searched and figured it out..somehow:D
    in the philippines motion pictures are rated by the'movie and television review and classification board.there are the rating currently used:
    PG-13(parental giudance for age under 13)
    R-restricted for persons below 17
    X(not for public view)

    i guess this whole rating thing is somehow useful,i mean there are thousands of movies out there that are not appropriate for all of us.and also preventing somebody from watching a movie that is not ok for him,AINT GONNA KILL HIM right?

  27. In my country,we have the same rated movies, but not in detail. There are only three types:G,P,and R.Personally, I think the parents take children to see a movie, easily finding suitable film. They don't need to see a movie in advance.To be honest,the children,under adult's age,are not enough ability to confirm better or worse movies. Actually,I agree that movie rating system should protect audiences except resisting the systems.

  28. In my country,we have the same rated movies, but not in detail. There are only three types:G,P,and R.Personally, I think the parents take children to see a movie, easily finding suitable film. They don't need to see a movie in advance.To be honest,the children,under adult's age,are not enough ability to confirm better or worse movies. Actually,I agree that movie rating system should protect audiences except resisting the systems.(amy)

  29. Hello my name is Joel and I live in Ecuador. Here we have three rating movies. The general that can see everybody, the other nneds to be with parents, and the last one is only for 18 years above.
    I think that this is a very good idea because the childrens cannot see some movies that have violence or other bad things.

  30. Hi, I live in Ecuador and is similar for example in the cinema the movies are grade with ages but a kid can enter to whatever movie I f is with a old person.

  31. In my Country ECUADOR there are some trailers that explain to people how the movies that will be in movies centers, will content into it. So people often look to trailers first. Another way is that cinemas clasifield the movies so children minor than x age can see a movie snd they do the same in the rest of ages.


  33. Hi, My name is Zain and I live in Karachi,Pakistan. I study in Fast university and we are using your website to improve our english listening skills.

    I agree that that the current rating system prevalent does not protect youngsters in our country.
    We have about two or three good cinemas in our city. These cinemas are visited only by rich and respectable families. Even they allow young kids into PG-18 movies.
    so there should be more thorough checking at the cinemas.

  34. My name is Hasan.I live in karachi,Pakistan.
    In my country the movies are not rated by ages. I think it is very bad for children and teenagers to prevent bad behavior and set good exemples. We need to start an awareness campaign to prevent children from violence related movies.

  35. hi my name is Juanid Saeed and i live in Pakistan. As i live in Pakistan,a muslim country,where rating system is strict and this really help to catagorized the movies . The rating system protects audience in sense that restrict certain audience to watch it . it obvious protect the audience .

  36. Hi!! My name is Jorge and I from Colombia. In Colombia today is common see again people go to the cinema because the new technology 3-D Digital is exciting. although, there are another people preffers to see pirated dvd movies (illegal copies)at home.

  37. Hi, my name is Nadia, I'm from Brazil. In my country the rating system is simmilar to others. The television rates just show the appropriateness age for an specific movie or soap opera, but it's like an advice to the parents. The most part of the children whatches them. In the other hand, movies forbid the entrance of kids, depends on the movie rate. I think we should have the right to choose.

  38. Hi, my name is Karen I'm from Colombia,about the movie rating systems well i think that it depends on the person age; we can see a sort of type of movie but also the ugly true can help us to see the world as it is and we can't change it.

    There are some movies which terms are so boring and silly that they don't provoke to see them, althougth another movies which message is so important and mean something and you can follow in your normal life.

  39. Hi, my name is Raphaëlle and I live in France. I think that this movie rating system is good because it indicate to parents if their children can see a film or not. In France, in film theater, people know the approximative age to have to see a movie. On television, four signals indicate that a film is forbidden to a children under such an age. They advise against wildly scenes or scenes which contain sex acts. This signalling permit to parents to decide knowingly. Parents keep clear of to allow their children to see a film or not. They able to adapt a situation to their chilren.

  40. Hi, my name is soo. when it comes to the movie rating system, we should have been more carefully to people who are teenager or less than 18years old. In my country, many parents would be allowed to see movies to their children but, they strongly fouse on age. What I mean is that here's system is seperated into 3rates. first, everyone can see it, limiting teenagers of view and last one is above 18. People should keep on this rules. :-)

  41. Hi, my name is Hanna from Korea.
    I don't really remember about Movie Rating Systems in Korea.
    But the movie theather checked customer's I.D seriously. It's a big deal rating movie by age, so it makes some movies cut off some sceans for getting appropriate rating.(it means for getting more visitors)It could be sure it's quite controversial issue in Korea.

  42. Hi
    my name is Amal,I'm from Saudi Arabia,specifically from Qassem state.Actually,in my country there is no system for renting movies.It is just spicializing shops rents any kind of movies except pornographic one.

  43. Hi, my name is A-Tse and live in Taiwan. In Taiwan, the movie rating system sets up four ratings according to the movies’ content. In my opion, although the movies have been rating, but the audience always don’t want to follow the rating standards to chose movies that they can watch. Besides, the theater owners and movie shop keepers don’t sell tickets or rent DVDs to people according to the rating standards. When all people don’t want to follow the ratings, the system can’t work as its purposes.

  44. Hi! I from Russia too (like Ivan and Irina). And I fully agree with both. In my opinion parents have to make such rating for their kids. Only family can protect a child from probable influence of some harmful movies.

  45. Hi
    I am from Cote d ivoire.
    I may think movies rating is usefull as far as it is applied to all medias. Most of childrens watch National TV where is no such policy. Actually, i am not suprised to held a conversatin about LOVE,DEATH,GUNS with my 8 years old's nephew. We had better to set a similar policy for TV in my country.

    Best Regards

  46. I don't remember the movie rating system in Taiwan. Frankly speaking, I don't pay much attention to it. Now the internet survice and PC are so popular here that government censorship may not work well. I do agree the movies involved violence, sex, and drugs are not suitable for the children. Parents should be responsible for the children and choose good movies for them.

  47. Hello, I'm Anna.

    to be honest in Russia we have no very strict system of renting moovie. I mean anyone can come and rent any movie he wants. Of course we have some limits - for example notes on DVD - under 14, under 18. But as I told even little child can come and rent movie (under 14) for money. I don't like this system and I think it would be better if our shop-assistance were more responsible!

    from russia.

  48. Hi, my name is Serkan and I live in Turkey.Firstly i want to tell you that,child who are able to access to the internet can easly download movies what he/she wants.They don't prefer to buy DVD or CD movie because of the priceses.Secondly altough there is a catogory about TV Series and programs but it is not included for the movides that is being sold.
    However Adults and parents are not giving enough attention for this problem and childs is growing like a sting on a river.I mean The river send him what the situtation is.Of course We must make a set do deliver it to the right point

  49. Hi, Randell, I am Japanese.
    In Japan, I think we have restriction for under 18.(R-18)

    I did't know U.S. have so many restrictions.

    I think those restrictions are nessessary especially for kids.

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  53. Hi, my name is sun and I live in south korea. In my country, there are 4 rating system that includes 7,12,15,19. Such rating system is helpful. But the great part, watching is personal choice.

  54. I think that the European movie rating system is straightforward. It indicates the age under which children are not allowed to watch the film, and it indicates whether the film contains horror, violence, and so on. Now, it is just a matter of knowing if parents do comply with the movie rating system.

  55. Hi, Im from Japan.

    Based on the rating system, we have two kind of movies that you have to be over certain age to see them. One is that, which contains so many erotic scenes which I really appreciate!, and the other one is that, which consists of so many violent and gory scenes. Those kind of movies have a special mark; for example on the package of the movies, therefore, people can see it easilly that the movies are appropriate for their kids or not. It could protect many audience. Sometimes the rating system is not perfect, still, at least it gives people a general idea of the movies.


  56. Hi everybody!
    In my country the movies are divided into three categories: for children (to 12, for teenagers and adults.
    I don't find this rating is useful. We live in a country where everything can be faked, so everybody has a copy of the movie at home and most of times, children or teenagers can watch it without parental supervising.

  57. Hi, I'm Hochang, Korean, but I live in New York now.
    It's hard to answer exactly. Because we have to consider both of movie producer and audiences. And any systems couldn't protect all bad things. But what we have to know is the fact that we need some systems for protecting audiences.

  58. Hello, my name is Eriko. Where I live, in Japan, I do not often see the wovie with such restriction. Personally I think there are less films with the age restriction. The possible reason is, I guess, that a film which is under rating system in other countries is not considered as one that should be restricted in Japan.

  59. Hi,My name is Liza and I live in Philippines,we have a government agency called MTRCB and they are responsible for rating movies.
    here it goes;
    * G or GP - General patronage. All ages admitted.
    * PG-13 - Parental Guidance. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
    * R - Restricted. Children under 17 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or older.
    * R-13 - Strictly for persons 13 years and over
    * R-18 - Strictly for adults
    * X - Not for public viewing

    * The PG-7 (between GP and PG-13), parental guidance for children below seven years old was phased out.

  60. I'm Miguel from Spain.
    I don't know really wich are the exact grades to allow or not the displaying of a film in my country. I know there is a system and a range but I ignore all about it.
    In my opinion, this system is necessary but, on the other hand, I think is not usefull. Obviously, children can see whatever movie that they want to watch. Furthermore, there are a lot of video-games with an upper grade of violence than the more violent movies. In most of them, the protagonist (the child) becomes an assasin or terrorist. For those games exist the same system to allow or not depending the age, but who can play this games whether the children?

  61. Hi, My name is Julianna and a live in Brazil. Here, usually, the movies informed about the suittable age for wacht each movie. But, we have many soap operas, that make the same thing and the many children watches.

  62. Hi, I´m Laura. I often take a look in the comments before renting a movie. It helps me a lot.


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