Thursday, August 13, 2009

School Supplies: Needs or Wants?

With technology changing so quickly, one wonders whether certain things are really needed for school, or are they just wants that students can do without? For example, do students really need their own laptop to do their work? What about an iPhone, cell phone, or even textbooks?

What do you think a student really needs and what they don't? Should a student buy these things him/herself without asking a parent to do so? What are a child's responsibilities to pay for some educational expenses? Share your ideas.



Bruno/Ingrid said...

Ideally, every student nowadays should have at least a computer with access to the Internet ( be it a laptop computer or a PC). Also, I believe it is the teachers' job to teach their students how to use this technological device for their own benifit - turning the vast amount of information students are usually exposed to online into knowledge.
Other things like iphones, the latest cellphones on the markets are much more wants than needs . As to textbooks, depending on the students' social condition, the government should provide them and thus one of the students' duties would be to take good care of them so that other learners could use the same books in an upcoming year.
How do you feel about it?
I believe many others have different opinions about the role the government should play in the country's Education. Please share your views with us.

freebird said...

I've never thought that before because I think It's just a parent's reposibilty. However I think again, It will be some problem to live thier life. First they didn't notice how do they get them. So they think easily to use it. Secondly they didn't notice how keep thier patience to get them. They got them whenever they want. So We will teach them what is important thing befor to get them. How? we will discuss too.

Anonymous said...

As I'm a teacher I recommend my own pupils to have the proper supplies for being comfortable at class. What I mean is that they only need very few school materials of good quality.

The vast majority of pupils don't usually buy boring school materials, they often use the old ones, those they already have. Why? Because is a trendy way of behaving among teenagers. They don't show off their school materials but their cell phones, new clothes and PCs.

Anonymous said...

well, in todays' world a personal computer has become a basic need for a student,but in most of the institutes it's already available so if one can not bare its cost he can use it at its workplace

Anonymous said...

I think a computer is very necessary to every student! It is a more need than normal want. All informations upload on the Internet!We want to update the daily information , we have to have a computer which connect to the Internet.

akira said...

In my country, laptop is not popular for middle pupils, even highschool pupils, but cellphone is very popular for everybody. I don't think having laptop is really necessary for a middle school, I'm afraid that they will not use laptop for their study but for playing game, chatting, or something like that. You known, there are a lot of information and knowledge on internet, if you know how to filter useful information for your own, that is so good, if not, you just waste much your time. In my country, laptop sometimes is considered an adorment by teenager.
Similar to laptop, cell is very necessary for daily life, you can easily keep in touch with anybody in anywhere at anytime, but you also no need to use the latest and expensive cellphone if you don't have afford, should spend your money more effective.

ahm2020ad said...

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Anonymous said...

Basic school supplies -- such as pens, pencils, erasers -- get used. So it's normal that students keep buying those on a regular basis throughout the academic year. The fancy for an iphone, an ipad, a laptop computer, or a cell phone, is the result of an impulse and a necessity that students have to remain fashionable, up-to-date, and to change the technology they use, or to spend money. I don't think students need a laptop for their studies because it just complicates everything. You do not use a keyboard as you use a pencil with your hands; except if your a computer scientist. And just imagine how difficult it is to take notes with a laptop computer during a mathematics class if you have to draw geometrical figures.
Having a cell phone also stems from an impulse to be fashionable and up-to-date. But it is somewhat more useful because anything might happen to you and you might need to call the fire brigade or an ambulance on the street.

camelia said...

All the think that students concider important for their learning are very important because each person know what are his or her toils for a excellent academic result, but is important that they take the correct way to use each one and the appropiate way to carry out.

Unknown said...

I don't think that is really necessary this kind of things in class. Many people don't have money to spend with expensive materials. And do it such a obligation could be a desaster, because the difference between the students could be enfatizing. some people aren't rolling in the money to buy everything that is conciderated really nececssary. I think that schools must supplies themsenves to attend the demanding and maybe in the future the students that bacome a good professional should purchase your own material, for use in your professional life.

Phi Nguyễn Văn said...

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