Thursday, March 16, 2017

Emergency Preparedness: Is there anything we can do?

The recent natural disasters affecting China, Myanmar, and other regions around the world leaves us wondering what individuals can do to prepare in case of such disasters. Although not always possible, it is always wise to come up with a basic family plan on what to do in case a disaster strikes your area. In my family, we have put together a 72-hour kit in a separate backpack for each family member that contains food, water, and other essential things that would be needed to survive for three days. If an emergency strikes and we have to leave our house, we can grab our backpacks and go. We also have one in our car in case we are on the road and need some basic items. So, what other ideas and suggestions can you think of that might help individuals in case of an emergency?



  1. store dry fruits and water in home.

    there should be some small structure having hard covring to hide in emergency, made of cement and iron to protect you from falling roofs.

    Keep antibiotics etc.

  2. Keep in mind the basic, that is
    1 - water.
    2 - dry food.
    3 - able to warm or cook.
    4 - secure your home.

  3. you do not have to forget basics things like water of course, easy food to prepare even if do not taste so well, you have to carry with you radios to comunicate with your family it you were separete from them, also you have to think in the kids if you have, and package some things for them, like crayons or basic art material.

  4. Adding to all the thing that are already sad for the other people; you have to try to prepare yourselg to remain calm for several hour in case of an emergency and thing about some words that you might use to calm down other beloved people or family members and to have encoraging words to share.

  5. In my opinion, the most impotant thing when we are in emergency is our mind. We should prepare our mind very strongly during lifetime.
    There's a saying "No one can predict more than a few seconds into the future." This is true, so we got to be ready all the time for the mystery future.

  6. Having all the needed materials ready to fight against Ga storm, an earthquake whatsoever is one thing;, getting readin in one's mind is another.
    I concurr with what Lee says
    "the most important thing when we are in emergency is having our mind prepared, having selfcontrol, being clever enough in order to think about exactly what to do when it is appropriate.
    Easy to say but not easy to do!

  7. In my point of view, all the things that you mention are important. In addition people should be considerate because If they know that a bad weather is close to their homecountries, they should take some measures before the problem affects them. In my country some people reject to leave their homes because they think that the will lose everything or maybe someone will take advantage of the situation. In this case the core is to fight for ourselves instead of material possesions. Moreover If people are concious about it a lot of problems could be solve before chaos occur in countries.

  8. I think acting in prevision is very important in these cases so you can have food and water enough, dry clothes, and a shelter to survive several days. It doesn't matter how calm you are if you don't have the basics. What is more, I think there's no way to prepare your mind for terrible things like loosing your home or a meember of your family. When it happens to you for the first time you are so shocked that is much much better to have things prepared because if not you won't do anything, and if it's the second time or more that you have to move and lose everything again, tiredness will win the match.
    In my humble opinion, it's much more easier to have everything material prepared than preparing your mind, as you never know how you will react.

  9. Let's face it tagedy happens everywhere, even though you think that you are safe it does'nt mean you are safe at all. Like earthquakes, do you rhink you are safe at home while doing something that you always did every single day of your life? it's like a war the enemy will not attack you in your stronghold parts, the enemy will attack you somewhere else that you won't be able to react, It is like insult to injury, that's why some people are trying to prepare in any cause. Any way for me the best equipment or a tool if there some kind of a danger or stuff like that the best thing is to pray, after all prayer changes everything.

  10. Safety in the home is very neccessary to be taken care of it. Because if there is no time and you face a real dangers at home, you wont be able to act well.

  11. I think we also should keep sth lighted,because the emergency may happen at night,and it may bring you more trouble.

  12. Perhaps one should consider to have easy-making food, such as instant hamburgers, instant soups, and so forth. But, most of all I think we need to have plenty of water in case of such situations come. In fact, water is the most important supply to live. Another important thing that I would like to share with you is that is very important is this kind of disasters the Familiar Union. I mean we need to stay with our relatives close each other in all moments(LOVE). remember: food, water, and love are the most important ingredients to deal with such situation.

  13. There weren't any case I need emergency kit, there is no any destructive disasters in my area. But any way it can be useful to think about real useful things and be prepared to any disasters.
    So, My list is contains

    * food. dry bread, dry fruits, chocolate, stew in cans, water.
    * matches, liters to make a fire. It can be necessary.
    * flashlights with batteries.
    * warm clothes.
    * medicaments.

    And the most important you have to prepare your mind. you have to know what to do, how you can save your live and other's lives.

  14. First,water is the must,because human can't live without water;second,I think we should bring money.Their are too many necessarities to take with,and money can solve this situation,so just have it with us.Finally,taking any identified documents,no matter idntity cards,student cards or other elses.If we got hurt or seperate with our families,it's beneficial for us to difderenciate identity.

  15. Basiclly,water and food is the most essential that we need.Without food or water,we can't survive.Besides,listening radio is important to know the condition.So that we can take a right dicision.

  16. I am Duarte. In Brasil doesn't have hearthquakes or other natural disaster although we need to be preventive. I dont have survive supplies in my home but I think it could be important. I think we need to have clean water because it is very important for life in the first think. Water filter is a good idea too. Easy prepared foods like sweet or protein bars are recommended by their small size and not heavy. One light jacket, water repelent is good too. Think about a cord or string cotton that can help in emmergency. By waltink or looking for things in the night a smal light maker with some extra batteries I stated necessary. And good survive for you!

  17. I think that being ready is necesary

  18. I think we should have a backpack with everything you need such as food, flashlights, batteries, water and clothing.
    We also can go to a high mountain in case if there is a flood.

  19. Hey I am Joel, I think we should have a backpack with everything you need such as food, flashlights, batteries, water and clothing.
    We also can go to a high mountain in case if there is a flood.

  20. everyone in my family has prepared a bag with food, water, map, flashlight, intercoms, and clothing, I think that is most necessary for an emergency

  21. ok,we should have water,lamp,some clothes and medicins.also if you are very young ask for help to a adult

  22. omarmosqueralozanoJuly 20, 2009 at 9:38 PM

    I think is very important to have this emergency tools and ideas because the natural disasters are unpredictable and we use this tools to help the bad situations because in our world we don´t know what is going to happen but If we trust in God we are going to be protected and we´ll helped the people but always trusting in God.

  23. This is the kind of situation that is very rare for us Brazilians. The most dangerous situation I’ve faced in my life, in Brazil, was on the north coast of São Paulo, in the city named as Ilhabela, or Great Island. It seemed like a perfect summer day, I was getting tan with my mother and sister on the sand. The whether was gorgeous and nobody seemed to be prepared to face even a mizzle. All of a sudden, the sky became grey, and a strong wind took over all the scenery, as if we had being attacked by the ‘bad witch’ of OZ. Anyway, we had no idea what to do. Everything started to flow out, carried by the wind, and most of the people got into the little church, which by the way, was the only shelter in the place. The build wasn’t that bad. It was simple the worst construction I’ve ever seen in my life!!! That’s why I thought it wasn’t a good idea to take my family there. So, I put myself together, grab my mother’s and sister’s hands, and start to run, more than Forest Gump, to take my car, and get the hotel. I recognize that wasn’t the best thing I could do, but it really worked. Finally, it’s very difficult to presage something like that in my country, that’s why almost anyone at that place seemed to be prepared to face that situation.

  24. Luckly we don't have such problems like that here in Brazil. But if we have one, we woudn't be prepared at all. We do have some political disasters, so our opinion would be pack all the politicians and send them to a shelter without food, water or anything, where they could never return.

  25. you will never know what will waiting for you tommorow and we can not change it,it`s just our destiny.Of course we have to be ready to everything,but is it so real?
    in my opinion preparing for emergency as proverb says "One can`t be too careful"

  26. Be prepared is a very good idea, but unfortunately, anybody does it.
    I sense it isn't neccessary to pack the backpack but it worth to keep the vital important things in one place. It's surely hard to decide what to take with ourself. The worst is to divide the neccessities from goods we love. Take your best dresses after the water and medicines ;-)

  27. Keep in mind the basic, that is you do not have to forget basics things like water of course, easy food to prepare even if do not taste so well, you have to carry with you radios to comunicate with your family it you were separete from them, also you have to think in the kids if you have, and package some things for them, like crayons or basic art material.

  28. Today emergency preparedness is always important to all people, but we do not think about it until a disaster comes.

    Firstly, I live in Brazil and until now we do not have to deal with such situations because we did not have huge disasters until now.

    However, I think that we should have a 72-hour kit to stay calm if some disaster occurs someday. For this reason we should have a backpack with water, food that can be prepared easily, some clothes and a coat because of the cold weather.

    In addition, it always will have something to do in these situations and we need to have hope that a solution will come as fast as we imagine.

    Overall, emergency preparedness is very important for people living in all parts of the world. Our world is getting crazy and we must be prepared to any situation in life.

  29. dear mr randall I`m from chile and recently an earthquake hits my country and destroyed almost a half of it and you are right cause nobody was prepared
    now the atmosphere is very devastating but I`m sure we are going to get up as ever

  30. Dear everyone,

    An earthquak is always a diseaster people want to avoid. But recently, many earthquak has been occured in our planet. This is the result of climate changes and humain activities. So, to solve this kind of problems, human being should try to have an ecological gesture and attitude. Remember "a small gesture can help our planet".

  31. You got to keep the basics in mind a first aid kit a flashlight a water filter and an easy to prepare meals plan a place to shelter ,etc.All these are the essentials for taking precautions if you are going out camping.

  32. I think that it`s very important that we need plenty of water, changing clothes, enough food, some blankets, money in cash, credit cards, medicaments.
    Thanks God, there are not a lot of destructive disarters in Europe. I haven`t lived a destructive disarter. However, if we plan to go to Africa, we should include a lot of more things in your emergency case because you can`t go to the doctor, you can`t find as many things in the farmacy as in Europe.
    From my understanding, it`s very important to be calm, not stir-crazy. Don`t forget that a panic attack wouldn`t help you!

  33. I think, first of all, you should analyze what area you're living and than, what kinds of disasters you would be faceing in the future.Finally, you make a research about what items would be useful in case of those kinds of emergencies. That's why, I think, in each area there would have it's own kind of demand in this case.

  34. I think the most important thing in an emergency is to remain calm and think straight. I think our adrenaline response of "fight or flight" also affects the way we deal with in such unexpected event.

  35. I think the most important thing in an emergency is to remain calm and think straight. I think our adrenaline response of "fight or flight" also affects the way we deal with in such unexpected event.

  36. i think i shoul keep the firt aid kit in my house and my cat. Also i have to prepare the 72-hour emergency kit with food , drinks , flah light, blankets and radio. Having some cash and coins is also useful. some play cards and clours for kids is also necessary.

  37. There's a great affordable 72 hour emergency kit from ( It all comes in a backpack so you can just grab and go. I'm planning on getting one for each person in my family. Seems to be perfect for any emergency.

  38. Its necesary and important to have knowledge of firts aid, because if happen something probably we forget the kit with antibiotics,water ,clothes, but we can save a life.

  39. You never know what can happen in next moment. You can not have with you 72 hours kit all your time. But you for certain can be ready for some critical situation if you would prepare before it. I am strongly beleive that everyone should know some easy rules of behavior in difficult moment: what we must do first in any emergency: fire, eath, earthquake, act of terrorism. A lot of books speak about it. All of you need only read it. Furthermore you can take with you some easy medicine for example some tablets from heart

  40. I think than there are some things than are essential to keep in home, to be prepared in any situations, like storms, accident, flood...
    Important thins are some gallons of water, first aid kit, flashlight, food of quick preparation, and a good backpack in a situation than need to leave the home.

  41. 1. Water.
    2. Food, candy, dry food, vegetables and fruit.
    3. Flashlight,
    4. Clothes.
    5. Toys for the kids and playing cards for everybody.
    6. Medication.
    7. Soap to clean our body and other things.
    8. Sleepingbag.
    9. Pillows and blankets.
    10. Tent

  42. 1.Water
    2. Dry foodand other food in cans.
    3. Flashlight
    4.Sleeping bag
    5. matches/lighter.
    6. Clothes
    7. Medication
    8. jackknife
    9. Batteries (just in case)
    10. Tent

  43. 1. Water, soda.
    2. Food, lighter, fruit, vegetables and candy.
    3. Clothes.
    4. Sleepingbag.
    5. Tent.
    6. pillows and blankets. your home
    8. medicaments.
    9. able to warm or cook.
    10. good place to live.

  44. 1. water
    2. food
    3. matches
    4. sleeping bag
    5. under ware
    6. flash light
    7. tent
    8. lighter
    9. blankets

  45. Here is my list:
    1. several 5L-sized bottle water
    2. some easy-to-prepare food, like chocolates, candies, cans with pull-tablid, etc.
    3. flash light and its battery
    4. clothes,and blankets
    5. lighters and some books(to read or to set a fire easily)
    6. some coins and bills
    7. first-aid kit (bandage, alcohol, personal drugs...)
    8. radio
    9. a swiss army knife
    10. masks

  46. I will prepare:
    1. First aid kit(personal medicine)
    2.Water and water filter
    3. A flint, some matches and lighter
    4. Chocolate, candy bar and cookie
    5. Warm clothes
    6. Toothbrush and toothpaste
    7.Flash light and Battery
    8. Swiss Army Knife
    9. Sleeping bag and tent
    10. ID, coin and bill
    Stay strong and be positive.

  47. Our life is very unpredictable. One can never know what will happen tomorrow, so we should always be ready for different unpleasant and even dangerous situations, such as emergency.
    Getting prepared for that we should think about probable troubles which can be caused by emergency and the way of their preventing. So we should create the list of the things which would be really necessary. As for me, my list includes next items:
    - food which is already prepared and can be preserved for a long time (such as canned food);
    - money in cash;
    - lantern on a solar battery
    - mobile phone in order to be able to contact with your relatives at least for some time.

  48. In case of an emergency the best and most important thins are :
    1.water supply
    2. Light with battery 3. Small amount of dried nuts,and biscuits ,
    4. Battery radio
    5. Drugs and bandage SOS pack

  49. My emergency philosophy been till date, don’t think of it and wish nothing will happen. Having been asked to list 10 things that I would pack in my emergency kit, I would pack:

    1) Copy of identification documents and other important document like health insurance and bank account
    2) A significant amount of cash in local and foreign currencies.
    3) Caned food
    4) Water
    5) First aid kit
    6) Comfort items including toothbrush, shampoo, lotion, soap, tissues, toilet paper, feminine products.
    7) Can opener
    8) Flashlight with batters
    9) Radio AM/FM with batteries
    10) Extra cloth

    The above-mentioned items are available in local stores and it will not make an economic sense to order them online.

    Online I’ve looked at:

    1) 72 Hour Emergency Kit at USD 49.00 including:
    • 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit backpack
    • Light Stick, 12 Hour (Green)
    • Plastic whistle with Lanyard
    • 37 Piece First Aid Kit
    • Duct Tape, 50 yards
    • 14 in 1 pocket tool
    • 3 way Can Opener
    • AM/FM Radio with battery
    • Flashlight, including D Batteries
    • Flashlight, Uses D Batteries
    • Solar Blanket
    • 2400 Calorie Food Ration (5 year shelf life)
    • Water Pouch x 10 (5 year shelf life)
    • Emergency Poncho
    • N95 Respirator mask
    • Bio Hazard Bag x2
    • Work Gloves, Leather Palm
    • Waterproof Matches, Box of 50
    2) Redcrossstore emergency kit at USD 90.00 including:
    • Backpack with multiple pouches and removable organizer
    • 1 Battery powered flashlight (2D cell batteries included)
    • 1 Red Cross FRX1 Eton Hand Crank Emergency Radio
    • 4 AA cell batteries
    • 1 Emergency blanket, 4.5′×7′
    • Moist towelettes (individually wrapped)
    • 1 Pen light
    • Food packets, 2,400 calories total, 5 year shelf life (ingredients include wheat flour, vegetable shortening, granulated sugar, salt, water and coconut flavoring)
    • Water pouches, total of 16 ounces, 5 year shelf life
    • Procedural breathing mask
    • Rain poncho (adult sized)
    • 1 Roll of duct tape, 2" × 30 yds
    • 1 Water container, holds 3.5 gallons
    • 1 Whistle
    • 1 Hygiene comfort kit, including toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, soap, razor, deodorant, washcloth, comb, and mesh shower bag
    • 1 45-piece First aid kit, including compresses, adhesive bandages, first aid tape, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer, scissors, gauze, and latex-free gloves

    After comparing the emergency kit of 72hours and Redcrossstor online I would strongly recommend the Redcrossstore package although it’s prices twice higher than 72hours’ package and that mainly due to the extra items loaded in it.

  50. Of course, 72 – hour kit is a need for every family member. It should contain food, water, first - aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries, a high – quality lighter. But I strongly believe that the most important thing is to know what to do when disaster strikes because sometimes you may not have a survival kit somewhere near. For example: what to do when an earthquake, hurricane, snowstorm, power outage or something else happens. And I think if person will know where to search for a safe shelter, water and food everything will be alright. :)
    Evelina (Lithuania)

  51. In my city (Lithuania) is not preceded by a natural disaster, but you never know when it could happen. My family is not prepared a 72-hour kit in a separate backpack for each family member.
    Items are easy to find at local stores in my area.


  52. Gabriele S., LithuaniaNovember 21, 2013 at 2:34 PM


    Up until today I didn’t know almost anything about 72 kit. I knew that people sometimes pack something for themselves for the extra situations, but I have never heard a name ‘’72 kit’’. In my opinion, 72 kit should be in everyone’s house because nobody of us know when the disaster can come. My family don’t have nothing similar to 72 kit at home (it is probably because Lithuania is quite safe place to live and the disasters there are very rare or much more smaller than in the other countries) but I believe that it would be really useful to have it. I think, then you have an opportunity to feel more safer and calmer about the future. What is more, in my point of view, people should to devote more time to inform each other about disasters and what to do, how is the best to behave in these kind of situations .

  53. Well I think it's important been preparing for this kind of events.
    But If i was in this situation and thinking all the persons are hungries, sicks and there's not enough services or food for all, maybe I'll prefer die, not to for 3 days more.
    Otherwise if There'll be a oportunity for almost all the people this must be a great situation.
    My list is the following
    1.- Water a lot
    2.- Can's of food like tuna, sardinian and fruits.
    3.- A lamp or something to do fire.
    4.- Clothes
    5.- Pills for headache, stomache and antibiotics.
    6.- A radio
    7.- My id
    8.- A precious picture to not lose my good humor and hopes
    9.- My lover to become creatives perhaps the bad times
    10.- My prayers

    Yes, I know it's a little strange but is true.
    Luzkc, learning english.

  54. Hi,

    In my opinion, is a good idea to be prepared in case of emergencies. But, beside the kit, It´s really neccesary to keep calm and do not lose our minds.

    1. Yes, we should also prepare our young ones with such situation by having mock-drill in house, on road and in shopping complex.
      We should let them know how to react if such situation arrives and how to face them.

  55. in my opinion the listening about 72-hour emergency kit learned me, all the people need a emergency kit or backpack in their house in the case of a disaster also i learn new vocabulary.

  56. Water, food, necessities to keep warm and waterproof. But don't forget some identifications, like ID card, passport.

  57. To my mind, you should definitely have:

    - Gallons of drinking water.
    - Cash.
    - Emergency Contact Phone Numbers.
    - Documents.

  58. Hey everybody. Among all these items mentioned here, i would take something to defend myself. Because you never know what kind of disaster you find yourself in. Once i had almost an individual emergency when i left my home in US (im from Russia myself), trying to reach 2miles away store to get some food. It was blistering cold out there and it was really slippery. I didn't live in a safe neighbourhood, so i always took pepper spray. So some weird looking guy stopped by me, almost insisting giving me a ride to the store. Oh jeez, he really looked like a gang member or something. I was already prepared to take out my pepper spray, but after my several times "thanks, im all set", he rushed his car like crazy ahead (probably was pissed with my denial, lol). So it's very important to bring some knives and pepper spray i think. At least you'll have the chance to defend yourself from any actions of vandalism.

  59. I live in Uruguay, and up until a month ago, the greatest catastrophe to our country was about 60 years ago, with loads of rain, but nothing major. About three weeks ago it started raining all day, and last week over 10.000 people lost their homes due to hurricanes and tornados, things we weren't really prepared to overcome at all. Where I live we were not struck directly, but we did realize we do not hold any supplies that would keep us safe. My mother and I started gathering things, like doccumentation, medication, water excetera, should we be forced to endure such reality.

  60. Just in case of a catastrophe, we should prepare somethings and store in our home.
    firstly the most important thing which is sustain our life is food. So, we need to prepare some energy bars or chocholates that is easy to portable. especially, it is better to bring some dry foods rather then cooked foods because those foods are uneasier to be spoiled than other regular foods
    secondly, preparing for case of being separated from each members of our family, it is important to have an appointment where we will meet.
    finally bringing some cash or bills are better than bringing a credit card. if electronic power go out, it is impossible to use a credit machine.

  61. In my opinion the most important things to put in an emergency kit are water supply, because you can't survive for a long period of time without it, food supply of course and some warm clothes, for example jacket, sweatshirt. In case you have to sleep in a cold place, you can cover with them to stay as warm as possible for the night. It's also vital to take your documents with you and medicines taken permanently, but also the ones which simply could be useful, like painkillers and sleeping pills. Don't forget a first aid kit, because it could save your or your family member's life.

  62. It is easy and smart to prepare an emergency pack. I haven’t got kit or plan how to act in case of emergency, because there are varieties of manmade or natural diseases, that can’t be predicted. To learn and to consider what to do will take me a lot of energy and will make me feel nervous. After all, if there is an earthquake or some kind of natural disaster, I will need clothes, foods, first aid drugs, water and medical things. I heard a woman who believes in God and lays her life in God’s hands. It is not bad decision, but in my country there is proverb – And God will help you if you first help yourself. So, I decided to equip with torch, lighter, blankets, bottled water, sanitary things, cash, medical supplies, salt sticks, and biscuits, chocolate. That will be my starter and I wish never to use it.

  63. It is easy and smart to prepare an emergency pack. I haven’t got kit or plan how to act in case of emergency, because there are varieties of man made or natural diseases, that can’t be predicted. To learn and to consider what to do will take me a lot of energy and will make me feel nervous. After all, if there is an earthquake or some kind of natural disaster, I will need clothes, foods, first aid drugs, water and medical things. I heard a woman who believes in God and lays her life in God’s hands. It is not bad decision, but in my country there is proverb – And God will help you if you first help yourself. So, I decided to equip with torch, lighter, blankets, bottled water, sanitary things, cash, medical supplies, salt sticks, and biscuits, chocolate. That will be my starter and I wish never to use it.

  64. An emergency kit is a very good idea in case of an accident. If you drop in some kind of an emergency it is good to keep calm because if you are become freaky you will always forget something very important. I think that if you are an emergency all the people around you and you should help each other and go to a safe spot. If it is earthquake you need to be in a place with no high buildings or houses, if there is a power outage you need to have a charged phone in you and you do not use it to look pictures and playing games, going in social medias. If you are in elevator and it stop you need to have a phone to call someone to come and let you out and if there are more people let them out too. The 72 hour kit will help you in natural disasters, power outage or any other accidents. If you have kids and they are at school you need to call their teacher. You can meet you child on a meeting point, like the park nearby or something else. Then you need to go where it is safe. In the most disasters after 3 days help will come, tell you if you can go back in your house and if not they will hopefully help you. I have never been in emergency situations so I do not know what it is like. I think that if you have kids you can pack them a book and some toys. I wish no one to be in emergency situations.

  65. Having a community plan and make it known unto the fire fighters department, would be useful in case of rescues, this will help them to know, where to go or where to look at fist in the houses. It will shortened the time and will give others the chance to be rescue

  66. I think it is more important to prepare water than food because as we know people can live without water and i also drink a lot of water, too. I never been in emergency situations so I do not know how I will be like. Preparing is always better than. We never know what happens in the future. However,I wish never to use them.

  67. It is very important to prepare for emergency situations because we do not know what will come in future. I know it can not but I hope no one must use to them. And if happens, I hope everyone can be rescued thanks to emergency pack.

  68. All the comments are great, I would add don't warry, be happy. Ja,ja

  69. well.there is no doubt how important to have an emergency kit ready for the sudden situation but my concern is how long it will last , most of the emergency and crises take more than 72 hours which make packing the kit pointless in long term emergency situation

  70. 72hours emergency kit is a smart and a good idea to face short term crisis. Especially in a like country the United States of America. We face many hurricanes and snow storms. But, it will be great and smart if each person will has his own emergency kit ready all the time Incase of emergencies. Also, To be sufficient for longer time.

  71. A 72 Hr. emergency kit in the car and at home is a fantastic idea as same as 3 moths food supply.
    I lived an emergency situation in Tijuana Mexico many year ago. If I have had a 3 moths food storage would have been useful. There were no transportation from my city to next one, only by helicopter. This situation lasted for 2 weeks. Some families where prepared with a 3 months food supplies and they were a blessing for many other families because of that. I am planning of making my food storage little by little.

  72. Disaster preparedness should be taken seriously.On my own opinion it should be more than 72 hours. We may never know as there are unpredictable circumstances. Like flash floods, there are victims who died suddenly because of Leptospirosis and we should have a medicine on hand against that, and tetanus toxoid for the wounded to avoid infections but I think it needs prescription, right? Two thumbs up! Everything has been mentioned and I like most is the post from Anonymous May 17, 2013 at 11:22 PM -- Thank you, Randall!

  73. Always is important to be prepared in case of an emergency. Nature it's so unpredictable and we need to be ready in case something bad happen. In my opinion, food and water should be a priority, also I there are kids at home make sure that we explain to them the importance of be prepared and stay calm during the emergency.

  74. i think that be prepared to an emergency its very important , but its something that does not happens very often , so dont make a big deal about it , some people live scared thinking when a new catastrophe will happen to them , and that is not the way its suppose to be

  75. In my opinion, before any of these natural disasters happened, I think we should build a shelter or found a place that is similar like that. Because during the disaster, we have to run look for a place to hide for our safety. This will help decreased the time you need before anything bad could happening again.

  76. 72 hour kit is of great use in time of calamities.When we are prepared then there is no need to fear. Let us all have a 72 hour kit in our homes.


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