Monday, January 14, 2008

Time Machine: If you could go back . . .

If you could go back in time to any point in history, when and where would you want to go? Personally, since I enjoy family history, I'd like to go back to the time in the late 1920s when my grandparents first met and observe their courtship and marriage. Then, I could write about it and share it with my own children.

So, what about you? Share your own time in history where you would like to travel. Randall


  1. hi...if I'll be given an opportunity to go back in a specific time, I want to choose the time of Jesus Christ, because I want to see Him in person and will talk to Him face to face. I want to tell Him how much I love Him and Im so thankful to have a great and loving God like HIM.

  2. I'd go back to the 60/70s. To me, it was the best time in the history of music. Every artist around the world seemed to believe that they could really change the world through their songs. I think this magical feeling was replaced by the desire of becoming famous and rich. Today, most lyrics seem to be poorly written and have nothing special to say.

  3. I'd go back to the 40s because I want to know what happened, what changed the world, and what the real World War was. Maybe it would have risks, but I don't care.

  4. its important 2 think bak. it makes u feel melancholy or happy, and the feelings u hav will be ur own. thinking bak means 2 hav ur own time and space @ da same time. isnt nice:)?

  5. If I could go back in time, however I do not go to any points of our history. Because...the time is always continuing and I am not be in the past essentially. So if I traveled in the time, it means I will change the history. And if we change the history, maybe it will deletes some people's existence.

  6. If I could like this, I would like to play more with my friends because now I cannot contact with these friends.

  7. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
    I very want to go back.
    'Cause the memory is beautiful.


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