Saturday, January 26, 2008

Honesty in Dating and Relationships

In one of my polls, I asked whether a person would tell their date if he/she had food in their teeth, and four out of ten people said they wouldn't. So, what factors affect our inability or unwillingness to say something in this situation? How would you feel if you were the other person? How would you feel if you were the other person and later found out that you were walking around for hours with a piece or carrot in your teeth? Does culture have anything thing to do with how open we are towards others in relationships? Please share your ideas.



  1. I believe the poll for not telling the truth is considering about the feeling of his / her lover and to avoid embarrassing the partner. In addition, another factor to take of is whether the person is open-minded. Moreover, the situation is important. Going to a public place is somewhat different from staying at home. He will brush his teeth sooner or later; therefore, not telling is not a big deal.
    However, if I am the person that have some food remaining on my teeth, I do hope my partner tell me.

  2. I don't think it's a cultural matter. It may be something related to how open we are towards others in relationships. I would tell this person s/he had something in his/her teeth because I wouldn't like him/her to go around, who knows, maybe for hours with a piece of food in his/her teeth and make a fool of him/herself.


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