Monday, January 28, 2008

Tatoos: Are they popular in your country?

The popularity of tatoos tends to come and go in certain places around the world, but are they culturally acceptable in your country? Do men and woman have them? Are there certain symbols or pictures that are most common? What would your parents think if YOU had one? Share your ideas on this topic.



  1. Tattoos are totally acceptable here in Brazil -- especially among "beach goers" who like to show off their perfect bodies on a sunny day.
    Both men and women have them on different parts of their bodies, but the commonest ones for men are their arms and for women, behind their necks and ankles. Women usually choose butterflies and fairies; on the other hand, men enjoy getting monsters and other strange symbols on their skin.
    Brazilian parents don't usually like the idea of their children getting a tattoo. And their kids won't ever get one if they don't have a written consent from their parents.
    Particularly, I love tattoos and I wish I could get some on my both arms and legs.

  2. Tattoos are not popular in Japan.
    In Edo period(1603~1867), tattoos were performed as one of official punishments. Also now, many gangsters have tattoos. It's a bad sign. Sometimes, people who have any tattoos can't enter pool, gym and the other facilities. So, some people use tattoo seals instead of real tatoos.
    Some prefectures prohibit to young people's tattoo.

  3. Here in Costa Rica tatoos are common but they are not totally accepted in our society. What is more many people consider that only people who have been in prison show tatoos in their bodies.
    Personally I got one when I was younger and I don´t regret, I think a tatoo doesn´t point you as a good or bad person and people´s prejudices aren´t more than that. The kind of person you are depends on you and not on how you look like.

  4. Some young people like tattoos, but most Japanese people do not like tatoos. If there is a person with tattoo,we will think the person is a gangster. Tattoo is dangerous sign for me. Some people who want to have tattoos, use seals because it is cheaper. People who want to have tattoo, have to think about their body. If they do that, I do not think tattoo is bad.

  5. Tattoos are not that popular in my country. Some people say that it's bad for our country beacuse it's way that are Quran say it in!! So i don't like tattos too. For my experience that is related to the topic is when my cousin had a tatoos she was really crying and after that she fainted at that moment!! So this is why I don't like tatos!

  6. Women like wearing jewels and ornaments to style themselves. They are more inclined to decorating their body than men are. Hence, you see most of the women with tattoos even though it's a small butterfly on the neck. True to their manhood, the men want tattoos which are masculine and enhance manliness in them. You will never see a butterfly tattoo on a man's body unless something is wrong with him.
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