Thursday, January 3, 2008

Improving Listening for ESL Students

In my poll of more than 800 people, by far, visitors indicated that listening was the one skill they wanted to improve most during 2008. The question, then, is how can learners best improve their listening skills? Of course, there are Websites, like my own at, where students can practice online, but what other ideas can you think of? Share your ideas.



  1. Well, "speaking" is the one skill I want to improve most during 2008.
    I think we EFL students don't have much chance to practice and improve our conversational skills on a daily basis. However, we do have plenty of opportunities to sharpen our listening skills by watching the news on CNN / BBC, listening to songs and visiting webpages which are devoted to the teaching of this skill.

  2. Dear colleagues,

    I would like to propose to engage the tremendous power of your laboratory in sharpening listening skills of Civil Aviation pilots and air traffic controllers all over the world.
    All of them are passing or preparing to pass English language proficiency exams according to ICAO standards.
    You know as nobody else how greatly English listening and speech habits of the aviation professionals from non-English speaking countries influence on security of international flights.
    Some American and British companies and organizations did and are doing their best in preparing proficiency level tests for the exams. But, in my opinion, the entire goal of the event which has not have historical analogs demands scientific approach of the problem solution.
    English listening skills improvement of foreigners should be carried out by means of step-by-step dosed giving audio materials not only on aviation radio-telephony but on general aviation English topics as well.
    Let me know if you get interested and want for more feedback.



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