Saturday, January 5, 2008

Marriage: What is the Ideal Age?

Many people have different opinions on dating and getting marriage, and one of them deals with the ideal age for getting married. Some might argue that dating longer and waiting until you are more "mature" and settled is best, while others might say that marriage at any age can work. What do you think? Share your feelings and experiences on this topic. Please tell us where you are from and what opinions people have in your country. Is there an ideal age for marriage?




  1. Everyone's ideal age for marriage will be different. I think we just be responsible for our choices.
    Hope you have a healthy and happy new year.
    li chin

  2. When we are talking the “ideal age” for marriage, I believe we mean at the “age” people get married and later they will not regret the marriage. From this point, I agree Li Chin’s idea: Everyone's ideal age for marriage will be different. The couple will be responsible for their choice. Once they made the choice, they have to maintain the vow and work hard to eliminate the happening of regret. However, the fact is not that simple. I remember a noted Chinese writer said in one of his novel: Marriage is like a castle, people inside the castle want to get out while those people who are outside want to rush into it. That’s mean many people who has get married do regret their choice. At this point, I agree that dating longer and waiting until you are more "mature" and settled is better. I am not mean this the medicine to reduce the devoice rate in the world, instead it will help the couple understand each other better and make a mature decision and eliminate the happening of regret about the marriage.
    Jimmy Sun

  3. Hi there.I found your great blog last night and I'll read it with interest. About your question, several answers are possible. In my opinion, it depends a lot on your economical situation; i.e. if you've made enough money or have a promissing job, you can go for marriage. In my country, Iran, the usual age for boys and girls to get married are 28 and 26 respectively. I also voted for the option of "25-28 years" to be the ideal age for marriage.

    Yours Truely.

  4. I don't believe there's an ideal age for getting married, but I do believe that someone's got to be mature enough to take responsibility and be able to cope with all the ups and downs in their marriage. I also think that every relationship should be based on mutual respect, and that a couple should be fully committed to each other.
    Greetings from lovely and sunny Brazil,

  5. hi..l thınk , ideal age for marriage is different.everyone has a problem for marriage in the Turkey.someone doesnt have enough money ,someone has it but want to be free.Age of time ago in Turkey,a large of people were got married by their family at'18-20 age'.thıs is very funny at the time.At the moment, this option is thought about '25-30'.I think for getting married age that is 25-30 age.

    Yours Truely
    Ayhan TOKCAN

  6. I think the ldeaal age is different. I want to get marry 23 years old.

  7. i don't think have real ideal age to get marriage. if two people love each other, their can get married. people should choice their own life. i agreen the couple need dating longer, because
    them can know eahc other more
    i want to get married after 30. because i can have more money, and have a good job. that's can make
    a good family. If i have kids. i can make a better life to them.

  8. Everyone should choice their own life. I think their no need a Ideal Age beacuse if a couple love eachother then they can marriage any age they want to. Is just depend on the person's life that they want to get marriaged to not.
    In my country Pakistan my parents say that in past time they had to marry in like age of 18 wheather you choice you life partner or not. Well i think i agree with the Ali Sharif that for the option of "25-28 years" to be the ideal age for marriage. That's My opinion.


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