Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adulthood: At what age should children move out?

When do you think adult children (over 18 years old) should move out and live on their own? And if they stay at home, should they pay parents rent? Why or why not? Personally, I feel that children need to learn how to develop the skills to live on their own, and even paying for rent can help them develop self-reliance. But, do these feelings differ from culture to culture? Share your ideas on this topic.



  1. I agree with what you said and it also vary from culture to culture, here in our country we value the close family ties,wherein even if the couple had already children they still live with their parent or their parents are with them especially the mother.Because of this situation the couple cannot decide on their own.Hope this will improve someday.

  2. I think it's ok for someone who's over 18 and is mature enough to start considering moving out of their parents' house. They should also be both financially and psychologically independent-- if you see what I mean. Sometimes someone might get way too used to living with their parents that they might not feel confident enough to take responsibility and lead their own lives.
    I don't agree with the idea of their paying some sort of rent when still living with their parents after reaching adulthood, but I think they can at least help with the utility bills.
    That's what I used to do when I lived with my parents.
    However, here in Brazil, it's quite common for "adult children" to go on living with their parents due to the fact that it's really hard to find a job which pays enough for them to settle down and live on their own.

    That's it! Thanks in advance for posting my comment!
    All the best!

  3. In my openion children should move out at age 18 year old because it's important to know for kids how to live there own live how to manage all the stuff, from that stage they will learn all what they need to survive in this World how to get in the collage and how to get a job that is my own openion everyone have different.


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