Friday, August 10, 2007

Unusual Experiences in Learning a Second Language

Personally speaking, when I lived in Japan for many years, I had to learn Japanese out of necessity in order to survive. However, I didn't mind trying to use the language even if I made mistakes. One time when my daughter was sick with constipation (you might want to check a dictionary if you don't know this word), I had to go to a drugstore to ask for medicine. The pharmasist didn't speak any English, so I had to rely on gestures to explain what I needed. How would YOU explain the problem using gestures? Anyway, after about 45 minutes, we finally communicated. The best part about the experience is that I gained confidence in getting my meaning across even in difficult sitatuations. So, what about you? Share a difficult or unusual experience you have had in learning English or any other language, and what they experience taught you.


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  1. I am an English student too. I would like to share my experiences learning.
    I remember an experience at the shopping. I bought something afterword, while I waited for my sister, I went outside, when I entered again at the mall the receptionist asked me some question, I didn't understand her. Then she put in my bag a sign and told me go to the office.
    Really, I didn't know what happened. When I stayed at the office, I realized, here is to retorn or exchange things which somebody doesn't want or like.
    But here not finish the story. There I cannot understand people and they cannot understand me.
    It was very hard. Finaly they understood me.


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